Countdown To Love – Days 21-24

I know, I know. Christmas has been over for a few days and I still owe you a review for the last Countdown To Love products. Now that I’ve had a chance to try all of the items I also wanted to talk about my overall opinion of the advent calendar.

Here is what was behind the last three doors:

Countdown To Love - Days 21-24

22. Necklace

Countdown To Love - Days 21-24 - Necklace

This necklace is even worse than the bracelet from day 13. It looks like it came from a 25c gumball machine. It’s made out of thread that has creases in it due to the way it was packaged. That basically make it unwearable unless you want to look ridiculous. The charm looks like cheap plastic. I’m just shaking my head and wondering what Benefit was thinking when they decided to include this item.

15. Cha Cha Tint

Full Size: 0.42 fl oz, $30.00
Sample Size: 0.09 fl oz, $8 individual price / $6.43 value

Countdown To Love - Days 21-24 - Cha Cha Tint

If Posietint is the hot pink sister to Benetint, this is its neon-orange cousin. Luckily, it isn’t as bright when applied. I don’t think that this color is particularly flattering on me as a blush and these tints don’t work very well for me on my lips.

24. Dandelion

Full Size: 0.28 oz, $28
Sample Size: 0.1 oz, $10 value

Countdown To Love - Days 21-24 - Dandelion

Ooooh, another blush. I’m a sucker for blushes. The color of this one is very pretty but it applies super light. It can be built up for more intensity but it takes quite a few layers.

Okay, now that I peeked behind every door I want to talk about my general opinion of the Countdown To Love advent calendar. Overall, I wish there had been more variety. I liked getting to try two primers and two blushes but four lip glosses, three tints, and three jewelry items is a bit repetitive. Instead, it would’ve been nice to have a second mascara (like “They’re Real”), some more skin care items, and maybe even an eye shadow.

Here are the things that I ended up liking and that I felt add value to the calendar:

The other beauty products I was excited to try but ended up not liking. In that respect they were still useful because now I know what to not waste my money on. The big disappointments were the three “jewelry” pieces. They were such cheap, unattractive items that really just felt like fillers admits otherwise nice products.

The value of my “like” list adds up to just about $80 which is more than I paid for the advent calendar. In that respect I came out on top. It was a really fun advent calendar and a nice change from the traditional chocolate-filled ones. I really liked that it provided a great way to try a wide range of their products. I probably wouldn’t get it again next year because now I have a better idea what Benefit products I like and I wouldn’t want to get all those products I didn’t like for a second time. However, I would recommend it to anyone that hasn’t tried a lot of Benefit products before.

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