Blue Apron – Week 41

To find out more about what Blue Apron is click here.

This review may be a bit late but I did want to share our first Blue Apron box with you.

The delivery was scheduled for last Saturday between 8am – 8pm and it arrived on the clock. We were planning on running an errand during the early afternoon hours and on the way to the car we discovered our box downstairs by the front entrance. Naturally, we couldn’t just let it sit there until we returned, all lonely by itself. So back up we went and unpacked the box.

The Blue Apron delivery comes in a cardboard box that is insulated with fabric thermopod liners. They’re similar to what you might use to insulate your house, just thinner and covered in plastic so the food doesn’t get contaminated. Most produce and herbs are packed in individual plastic bags that are clearly labeled. The plastic bags are recyclable, which is nice. Otherwise I would feel really guilty about all the plastic that would be added to the landfills. The box is kept cold during transit by multiple gel ice packs that are strategically placed in the box. Those ice pack can either be reused or can be disposed by cutting open the bag and pouring the gel down the drain. Those bags are also recyclable.

Okay, enough talk about recycling. Let’s get to what really counts: the food. I was very impressed by the quality of the food in the box. With two days in transit (the box shipped Thursday), I was afraid that the box wouldn’t stay cold until we would receive it. My concerns were unfounded. The food was nice and cold and all of the ice packs were still mostly frozen. All the produce and herbs looked very fresh and there was no damage during transit. Most ingredients were individually wrapped and labeled, except for things like garlic, onion, and jalapeno pepper. Unfortunately, the pictures that I took during unpacking didn’t turn out because the ISO setting on my camera was screwed up and I didn’t notice until I tried to edit the pictures. I don’t want to subject you to grainy pictures so you just have to take my word for the quality of the food.

The three recipes this past week were Salmon with Fennel Two Ways & Cauliflower Steak, Ginger Beef Stir-Fry with Tasoi & Jasmine Rice, and Turkey Chili with Avocado & Cheddar. The box included recipe cards for all meals that clearly list and picture the ingredients on the front and show detailed instructions with pictures on the back. The recipes were super easy to follow and didn’t take long to cook at all. Most of the time was usually spent chopping and preparing the ingredients.

The portion sizes were always really generous. The very best boyfriend has a healthy appetite and usually I have to prepare two portions of a meal just for him. With these recipes though even he was full at the end of the meal.

My favorite recipe in the box was the turkey chili. It was just a little bit spicy and oh so tasty. Perfect for the colder days. I don’t like avocado or cilantro but since those were just for garnish I skipped them while the very best boyfriend got all of it.

Blue Apron - Week 41 - Turkey Chili


I also really liked the salmon dish. I’m a huge fan of seafood. Unfortunately, we followed the instructions a bit too close instead of using our own judgement. The temperature in the pan was just too hot and we burnt the salmon a bit. It was still really good. I haven’t had a fennel salad before and I really enjoyed that. The cauliflower steak was the tastiest part of the dish in my opinion and it was so easy to make that I’m sure we’ll cook it again in the future.

The stir-fry was my least favorite but I liked it nonetheless. I find it difficult to not overcook the meat when doing a stir-fry and we ran into the same problem with this recipe. The tasoi was an interesting addition that I haven’t had before.

All in all I’m very pleased with my first Blue Apron box and excited for the next delivery. We got out of our normal rut and spent some quality time cooking and enjoying some great meals together.


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