RUFFIAN – Hedge Fund

I received this Ruffian nail polish in my September Birchbox and I figured it was about time to give it a try and show you guys the result.

This color, Hedge Fund, is not something I would usually gravitate toward. It’s a moss green with microscopic golden glitter suspended in it which gives it a metallic finish. It’s a great fall color.

Ruffian - Hedge Fund

Surprisingly, I ended up liking the color a lot more than I thought I would. The bit of sparkle that the gold gives to this polish makes it really special. The moss green color matches a few shirts that I own but I found that it clashes horribly with most of my other clothes.

The application of this nail polish was very easy. The bottle and, hence, the brush are shorter than other nail polishes which allows for more control during application. I was able to apply this polish without any brush marks which oftentimes can be a problem with metallic nail polishes. The coverage is awesome, reaching near opacity with one coat. I used two coats to make sure that my tips wouldn’t show through.

The wear time is great. I didn’t have any problems with chipping. My only complaint is that this nail polish is a bit of a pain to take off. The gold glitter is very resistant to removal.

At $10 for 0.17 oz this nail polish contains only about 1/3 of the product compared to, for example, OPI nail polishes. However, I think that the quality of this nail polish justifies the price. I would definitely consider purchasing other Ruffian nail polishes in the future.

What do you think of Ruffian nail polishes?


  1. I like that color. I got the orange one. I was planning to use it around Halloween. I’m glad to know its decent nail polish.

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