Murad – Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo

Lately my skin has started to clear up and the only imperfections I have to deal with are some very persistent blackheads on my cheek and chin. They show up as unsightly pumps on my skin and I haven’t found a good treatment yet that works to get rid of them. That’s why I ordered the Murad Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo.

Fast-acting 2-step treatment helps reduce blackheads and seal pores for the ultimate protection against pore-clogging impurities

  • Extracts stubborn impurities from deep within pores
  • Reduces the formation of blackheads by an average of 58%
  • Volcanic Mineral Clay and Shikakai Extract detoxify, drawing out dirt and excess oil, to purify pores
  • Oxidation Reversal Complex targets sebum oxidation, a leading cause of blackheads, and the buildup of cellular debris
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil acts as an astringent, tightening pores and refining complexion

The Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo consists of two products: the Blackhead Remover – an exfoliating mask – and the Pore Refining Sealer which is claimed to counteract the cause of blackheads, sebum oxidation.

Murad - Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo

Step 1 – Blackhead Remover

The Blackhead Remover is a tick paste that contains exfoliating granules. The instruction state to apply the paste to areas with blackheads and leave on for 10 minutes. During this time the paste will dry. After that you exfoliate by adding warm water to the mask and massaging it into the skin. Lastly, you rinse the mask off with more warm water.

Murad - Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo - Step 1 v2

I apply a good layer of this mask to my chin and cheeks and any other problem areas that may suffer from breakouts. While the mask dries it gets pretty cold which feels kinda weird. The exfoliating part is probably my favorite. I feel like my skin gets very clean and smooth. The granules in this mask are a bit rough so this product might not work for someone with more sensitive skin but for me it’s just right. I also wouldn’t use this mask more than once a week for fear of irritating my skin.

Step 2 – Pore Refining Sealer

The Pore Refining Sealer is a light serum that you apply to your face immediately after using the mask and again 12 hours after initial treatment to prevent the formation of new blackheads. It sinks into my skin pretty fast but it makes it feel a bit dry. The Pore Refining Sealer contains salicylic acid so that may explain why. I also apply a moisturizer after this step to counteract any dryness.

Murad - Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo - Step 2

I’ve only used the Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo a few times but the results I’ve seen are pretty good. The day after using this treatment my skin clears up and most of the bumps on my cheeks go away. Unfortunately, they tend to come back after a week or so but I think that with continuous usage once a week this product can help me keep them in check.

I’ve also started to use the Pore Refining Sealer by itself once a day in order to prevent the formation of new blackheads. I was afraid that this may lead to excessive dryness but so far I haven’t had any problems. As far as I can tell it has helped prolong the results I achieved using the Blackhead Remover.

I haven’t had any negative reactions to using the Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo. The exfoliating granules in the Blackhead Remover may be a bit too rough for those with sensitive skin but they are very effective at deep-cleaning the skin. The Pore Refining Sealer may feel a bit drying at first but I found it to be less harsh in that respect than some other acne treatments. Even with continuous use I haven’t had any problems with it over-drying my skin but applying a moisturizer afterward is important.

Overall, I would recommend the Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo to anybody fighting with extremely stubborn blackheads.

What treatments do you recommend to get rid of those pesky blackheads?

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  1. This seems like a good product. I’ve used some samples from Murad that I’ve liked and I think they make good stuff.

    1. I’ve been really happy with the products I’ve tried from them aside from a few duds. For the most part their stuff is worth the price.

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