Out With The Old And In With The New – Sample Swap #1

Although I love subscription services like Birchbox, sooner or later you’re bound to receive a sample that doesn’t work for you. In the never-ending quest to declutter my beauty stash I signed up for the new sample swap website that Liz from MySubscriptionAddiction opened up a few weeks ago.

The concept is easy: you list the products you’d like to get rid of, people can browse your offerings and select items they’re interested in. You in turn can have a look at the other person’s sample selection and pick an item (or more) that you’d like to receive in exchange. Once you agree on the swap, you exchange addresses and each swap partner is responsible for shipping out their item(s).

I’ve listed quite a few items that were collecting dust for one reason or another and have received some great products in return. I thought you might be interested so what I ended up swapping.

What I traded

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in in 7 Quick Kiss (0.14 oz, $26.55 value)


Source: Birchbox

I received this sample a while back in one of my Birchboxes. I don’t really wear red lipstick and this one was just too orange for my liking so I didn’t even try it. It has just been sitting unused in my makeup drawer ever since I got it.

What I received

Avene Eau Thermale (1.76 oz, $9 individual price)

Sample Swap - Avene Thermal Spring Water

I decided to trade my lip pencil for this hydrating mist. I will probably use this as a moisturizing toner in my skin care routine or try it as a makeup setting spray. This was somewhat of an uneven trade value-wise but I exchanged something that I would never use against something that I’m excited to try.

All in all, I think this sample swap website is a great way to get rid of samples you would never use. A big thank you goes to Liz and her team for putting in all of the work to set up this platform for their users. So far the experience has been positive with some people being more responsive and faster than others. The site has some minor kinks to iron out but Liz is working very hard to incorporate all the suggestions that she has received from the users. Overall I recommend this website to anyone who would like to clear out their sample stash.

One comment

  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying swaps! Now I’m going to read all your swap reviews! (If you have any feedback for making swaps better please let me know!)

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