Whimseybox – October 2013

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Whimseybox and I, we’ve had out ups and downs. But after being disappointed in last month’s project I really liked the idea behind what was in the October box. The theme this month was “Sew All The Things!” and included materials and instructions for some cute hand-sewn felt accessories.

Whimseybox - October 2013

The box contained the following items:

Whimseybox - October 2013 - contents

My biggest complaint with Whimseybox in the past has been that I felt very limited by the materials provided. With the beaded bracelet of the August box I wished they would’ve included more types of beads so that I could’ve some options in what my final product would look like and could be more creative. I feel similar about this month’s box.

I get and I appreciate that Whimseybox wanted to provide high quality materials in the form of wool felt instead of acrylic. However, I can get felt at about 30 cents per sheet at my local craft store so this type of felt costs about ten times more. I wish that the money had instead gone to provide a bit more variety in materials so that I could have a choice in what colors to pair together to make my accessories. In addition, the value of the box came in at just under $11 so there was definitely some room to include additional materials.

Overall, I repeatedly felt like I haven’t gotten my money’s worth with Whimseybox. In addition, I either haven’t liked the project or it hasn’t allowed me to be as creative as I would’ve liked. I still think that this is a great box for someone who maybe wants to try  their hands at crafts for the first time and don’t have as much experience. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me. Therefore, I decided to cancel my subscription for the time being. I plan on keeping an eye on the monthly projects and if anything strikes my fancy there is always the option to buy an individual box, albeit at a slightly higher price.

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  1. Hi Lily,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the October Whimseybox. We really appreciate your feedback and really take it to heart. We’re always trying find the right balance among including the right materials for the project, finding the highest quality materials, and allowing for variety and flexibility in how the project is executed. I encourage you to checkout our Facebook page or #whimseybox in Instagram where people have shared how they took the materials in the box and made it their own. We certainly hope to have you as a subscriber again sometime, but in the meantime your idea to check the shop for our latest kits is right on. Thanks again!

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