Another Liebster Nomination

The wonderful Hannah from The Beauty Advice Blog has nominated me for the Liebster Award. So you all know what that means: Q & A time! I’m super excited that Hannah nominated me. Her blog is great. Lots of beauty product reviews and lifestyle posts. She takes wonderful pictures which makes her blog a joy to read. Thank you for the nomination, Hannah!

Just like last time, I decided to skip the nominating part and just answer her questions.

1. What is your favourite thing about Autumn/Winter?

I love all the festivities and the things that go along with it: family gatherings, good food, decorating, and gift giving. Whenever I’m back in Germany around the holidays I love going to the Christmas markets.

2. Do you have any skin care essentials for this time of year?

I need to be super diligent about using moisturizer during the cold months.

3. What do you normally do on Halloween? 

Im really lame when it comes to Halloween. The most exciting thing I do is pumpkin carving. I have yet to visit a pumpkin patch. One of these days!

4. What’s your favourite film and why?

This is almost as difficult as picking my favorite book. I love animated movies so Ice Age and Monster’s Inc would probably be ranked toward the top of my list. I also really like the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies because I really enjoyed the books and these are movies that live up to the books.

5. If you could be anyone for the day, who would you be and why?

It would be cool to be a Google employee for one day and see what it’s like working for a company like that. I wonder if it’s really as awesome as everybody is saying.

6. What’s your favourite ever TV advert? (and is there a link so I can watch it!) 

I love the Geico (which is a US auto insurance company) commercial with the Pillsbury Doughboy. Geico has this “Happier than…” range of TV commercials that ask “How happy are people that save money on car insurance?” Well apparently they are “happier than the Pillsbury Doughboy on his way to a baking convention.” The Pillsbury Doughboy is shown at the airport being patted down by a TSA agent and hilarity ensues. Also, I love the tiny backpack he travels with that contains a tiny rolling pin. It’s just all around a very cute commercial and one of the few Geico ones that I don’t mind. You can watch it here.

7. Do you prefer bold nail colours or neutral?

Neutrals. I just don’t have the time to change my nail polish all the time and I really like my nails to match my clothes.

8. How do you store your makeup?

I have my dailies on my dresser in several cute containers and the rest in a drawer of my dresser.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

This will sound so cliche but: married with kids. I’m not getting any younger, people! I also hope to still be working in a job that I love. I think that’s really important since you spent so much time at work it makes for a really miserable life if you don’t like your job.

10. What springs to mind with the word ‘nostalgia’?

I think for me it’s a sentimental reminiscing of the good times in the past. I get pretty nostalgic when I see my friends getting married and having kids when it seems like yesterday that we graduated high school together. I also get very sentimental every time I visit my family in Germany.

Thanks again, Hannah, for the nomination. Now go check out her blog!

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