JULEP – Classic With A Twist Box December 2013

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I received this month’s Julep box in the mail a few days ago and now that I finally had the chance to take some good pictures over the weekend I wanted to share with you what I picked. The decision this month was another hard one. There were many nail polishes that I liked but many were similar to things I already own. Cara from the Bombshell box reminded me a bit of my beloved OPI My Chihuahua Bites! although it is definitely more hot pink, which Julep calls a cranberry. Evelyn from the It Girl box looked right up my alley. It’s a gorgeous purple that is very similar, though, to OPI – In The Cable Car Pool Lane.

The one color that instantly caught my eye was Misti from the Boho Glam box, described by Julep as a smoky blue-grey crème. Colors in the blue and green family are not something that I usually gravitate toward in nail polishes but I do love teal. This one is a bit darker with some more hints of green than the swatches on the Julep website. To me it reads like a muted teal and although it’s not something I ever imagined myself wearing I actually do love it. Ultimately, I couldn’t justify getting the Boho Glam box, though, because Joelle looked to similar to another nail polish I own and rarely use.

I settled on the Classic With A Twist box which contained Jillian, a deep eggplant with bronze molten, and Mia, greenish silver metallic. I was afraid that Mia would be too similar to Sephora by OPI’s Keep Me On My Mistletoe but it has more of a green tint. Jillian is unlike any nail polish I own but it looked like an interesting neutral to have. I also got Misti as an add-on since I liked it so much.

Julep - Classic With A Twist December 2013 Julep - Classic With A Twist December 2013 - contents Julep - Classic With A Twist December 2013 - contents details

Each box this month came with an eye shadow palette that contained 5 neutrals in different shades of brown. The first thing I noticed was that the pans are housed in a cardboard case which made the whole think feel a bit cheap. You can clearly tell where the magnets are that keep the case closed. Moreover, the pans sit in the case unevenly at different levels. All in all, I feel like the quality of the case could’ve been better considering that this palette retails for $24 ($19.20 maven price). At a total weight of 0.1 oz this palette costs $240/$192 per oz. Just for comparison, the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette has a similar concept and currently retails at $27 for 0.3 oz which equates to $90 per oz.

I was also a bit surprised that Julep decided to include a neutral eye palette for the month themed “Glitterati.” I would’ve expected something more flashy or maybe some sparkly or metallic colors. I’m not too disappointed with this palette, though, since I like a more natural eye makeup. The colors do have a nice amount of shimmer to them which I like. I only wish there was some more variety in the shades. Some of the colors look very similar and they don’t really explore the darker end of the spectrum. Now, I can’t speak to the quality of these shadows since I haven’t tried them yet but the first look has left me not impressed. Nevertheless, this palette is a compact size that would make it great for traveling.

The last thing included in this box was a pair of Twistband hair ties.I really like those for wearing around the house because they don’t pull on my hair. It’s a nice add-on.

Overall, I paid $24.98 for this box which includes the $19.99 base price and $4.99 for the Misti add-on. Each nail polish is 0.27 fl oz and costs $14 ($11.20 Maven price) which brings the total value of this box to $66 ($52.80 Maven price). However, Julep products are notoriously overpriced compared to other high-end brands. If you consider the true value of the polishes to be closer to $9 per 0.5 fl oz bottle (like OPI) and of the eye shadow palette to be $90 per oz (like Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palette) then each nail polish would have a value of $4.50 and the eye shadow palette would be $9 which would bring the total value of this box to $22.50. While this number sounds like much less of a good deal, it’s still pretty close to what I paid and I got a great selection of nail polishes.

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