JULEP – Classic with a Twist Box September 2014

JULEP – Classic with a Twist Box September 2014

After the last couple of months of slow shipping, Julep is back on track with their shipping schedule and this month’s box arrived super fast at my doorstep. I’ve actually had this box for a week but my laptop has been giving me grief and I had to spend six hours at the Apple store to get it fixed. Long story. Anyway, everything it’s all better now so I finally get to review the September Classic With a Twist box.

The theme this month was ‘Art Walk’ and the whole collection was full of colors that I would describe as broody – dark and muted neutrals that are perfect for the transition into fall and right up my alley. This month also saw the return of the satin finish – Julep’s version of a matte. I personally prefer cremes over glitters, chromes, and metallics and the satin finish is a nice way to spice it up a bit.

The Classic With a Twist box included Quinn, a charcoal purple satin, and Luptia, a ripe rhubarb creme. Luptia reminds me of Evie – one of my favorites – albeit without the shimmer. Quinn is just a very interesting mix between gray and purple and I’m excited for the satin finish with that one.

JULEP – Classic with a Twist Box September 2014 - nail polishes

The product this month was the new Plush Pout lip crayon (0.07 oz, $20, $16 Maven price) in your choice of one of four colors. The Classic With a Twist box came with the Cardinal Red color pre-picked and against all odds I decided to stick with it. I’ve never thought that red lipstick would suit me but this one has some blue undertones and I really liked the way it looked in the swatches so I ran with it. I actually really like this color on me. I went to a Rockabilly show the other night and my friend did my hair into victory rolls so this color was a great way to pull the whole look together.

This lip crayon is super pigmented so you have to apply it carefully. It does wear off after a few hours but it leaves a nice, dark stain that will stick around until you remove it with makeup remover. The crayon contains a moisturizing lip balm core. It makes application a bit difficult but it also makes the lip color feel less drying. I like that this is the twist up kind and doesn’t need sharpening but I wish it came with a crayon tip instead of a rounded tip to allow for more precise application.

JULEP – Classic with a Twist Box September 2014 - Plush Pout

I paid $19.99 for this box and received $48 worth of items ($38.40 Maven price). Each Julep nail polish is 0.27 fl oz and costs $14 ($11.20 Maven price) if bought individually.

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