The Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care

Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care - contents

Judging by the weather, summer seems to already be coming to an end here in the Midwest. It’s been really rainy and overcast and just all around unpleasant. As a result, I’ve not been able to take any decent pictures and have totally been falling behind in my posting schedule. 😦

Today I want to get back into the swing of things by reviewing the lovely Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care. You might remember me mentioning this one in my last Memebox review as being on my wish list. It didn’t really take much convincing to actually order it and about two weeks ago I finally had that pink envelop in my mailbox. Due to the weather I’ve only now been able to take some pictures of it. Better late than never, right?

This box is all about products containing antioxidants and since I’m a bit of a skin care junkie, it sounded right up my alley. Let’s have a look at the goodies.

Elizavecca Real White Vita-Sauce 30 (50 ml, $48)

This is a vitamin C serum that claims to moisturize and fight wrinkles. It also advertises whitening properties but as far as I understand it that only means that it’s designed to lighten dark spots and discolorations and brighten your complexion. I’m already using a vitamin C serum in my routine and I’m excited to give this one a try once I run out of my current one.

Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care - Elizavecca Real White Vita-Sauce 30

Amini Vitamin Shower Body Soap Bar (120 g, $10)

I absolutely hate using bar soap so while this might be a nice product, it’s going straight into my trade pile.

Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care - Amini Vitamin Shower Body Soap Bar

Pure Smile Hand Gel Citrus Crash (30 ml, $2)

I kinda have the feeling that this antibacterial gel was only included because it has the word ‘citrus’ in its title and, therefore, sounds like it fits the theme. I don’t think it contains any antioxidants so I would have rather received a different product altogether but I guess it might come in handy.

Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care - Pure Smile Hand Gel Citrus Crash

Pure Smile Gelee Labo Marmalade (12 g, $1)

Yay, a skin mask! This one looks like those little jelly packages that you get at restaurants, only in bear shape. This one claims to moisturize and soften the skin with orange extracts, hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica (Asiatic pennywort), and licorice root extracts.

Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care - Pure Smile Gelee Labo Marmalade

Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment Mix Fruits (10 g, $5)

I knew that ordering from a Korean beauty subscription service I would inevitably receive some sort of product containing snail mucus extract. I’m actually not quite as grossed out as maybe I should be. I figure that there must be something to the hype so I’m pretty excited to give this lip balm a try. In addition to snail mucus extract it also contains vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and macademic seed extract to hydrate and nourish chapped lips. It has a wonderful fruity scent but doesn’t really taste like much. There is a bit of a cooling and tingling sensation after application but that goes away after a few minutes. It’s a bit stickier than I would like but it’s a nice product overall.

Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care - Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment Mix Fruits

Evas Vitamin Sun Cream SPF38 PA++ (50 ml, $11)

Sunscreen is a must for me and I’m always on the lookout for one with antioxidants and a decent SPF rating so I’m really happy Memebox included this product.

Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care - Evas Vitamin Sun Cream SPF38 PA++

Pure Smile Juicy Point Pads Lemon & Orange (10 sheets, $2 each)

These gel mask spot treatments are so quirky. I love it. They will be perfect for the winter when my cheeks tend to get really dry.

Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care - Pure Smile Juicy Point Pads

Overall, this was a pretty good box. I received over $80 worth of products and I will use almost all of them. I would have preferred to receive a few more skin care items instead of the bar soap and the antibacterial gel. Another serum, mask, or a moisturizer would have made this box more exiting. I also wish this box would have contained a wider variety of brands. Four of the seven products in this box are by Pure Smile and while that is a good brand it would have been great to get introduced to some different Korean skin care companies. Overall, though, I liked the mix of products in this box.

The Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care retails for $29 and is still available for sale on the Memebox website.

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      1. The ‘My Cute Wishlist Box’. I’ll put a review up soon. I figured it would be a good one from Meme. It’s over the top. Lol. My kids thought it was great.

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