Birchbox – August 2014

Birchbox - August 2014

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Can you believe it’s not even sample reveal day yet and I already had my Birchbox in my mailbox? Mine got shipped out super fast and it only took a record four days to get to me!

This month Birchbox expanded their sample choices even further. Every subscriber was able to pick one of four different makeup products or a special box that was curated in collaboration with Everyday Girl. I really like to be able to chose one of my samples. It ensures that I’m at least partially happy with what I receive in my Birchbox while still keeping the surprise of what the rest of the products will be. As a skin care junkie, I hope that Birchbox will expand this program even more in the future to also include other product types aside from makeup in the choices.

The theme for this month’s box was “Lighten Up” and not take yourself too seriously. Birchbox did a couple little tweaks to their packaging to go with the theme. Each box’s address label had a fun little adjective added to the recipient’s name. Apparently, I’m ‘excellent.’ Why thank you, Birchbox! Secondly, each box contained different cards with little sayings that fit the theme perfectly.  Mine read “August – the month when ice cream is totally a food group” which made me laugh because it’s so me. The little carton pouch that some samples come in also had laughing sounds printed on it. I really love these little details.

Here’s what came in my Birchbox this month!

Laura Geller Beauty Cool Lids Cream Eyeshadow

Shade: Silver Sands
Full Size: 0.26 fl oz, $19.00
Sample Size: 0.17 fl oz, $12.42 value

Birchbox - August 2014 - Laura Geller Beauty Cool Lids Cream Eyeshadow

This is the sample that I picked this month. Silver Sands is a light taupe color that is very frosty. I like this color but it might be a bit too shimmery for everyday use.

Harvey Prince Ageless Body Cream

Full Size: 12 fl oz, $26.00
Sample Size: 0.5 fl oz, $1.08 value

Birchbox - August 2014 - Harvey Prince Ageless Body Cream

I really like the scent of this body lotion. I just wish the sample was larger. I’ll be surprised if this lasts for more than two applications.

nügg Beauty Revitalizing Face Mask

Full Size: 5 ct, $14.99
Sample Size: 1 ct, $3.00 value

Birchbox - August 2014 - nügg Beauty Revitalizing Face Mask

“Powerful blend of precious oils & extracts help rejuvenate, protect & plump skin & helps provide a dewy glow. Natural oil dispersion technology eliminates damaging emulsifiers that can break down the natural skin barrier. 95% natural or naturally derived ingredients.”

I have had great success using facial oils to combat my dry winter skin but I’ve never used an oil-based face mask. I’m very excited to give this a try once the weather gets colder.

Neil George Shampoo & Conditioner

Full Size: 3.38 fl oz, $9.00 each
Sample Size: 1.69 fl oz, $4.50 value each

Birchbox - August 2014 - Neil George Shampoo & Conditioner

Whenever Birchbox sends out shampoo and conditioner samples, I can count on receiving them. Sometimes this is a good thing; other times, not so much. This month fell in the latter category. The shampoo contains sulfates which are too drying for my color-treated hair and the conditioner seems thin and runny. I will probably end up trading this set.

This box kinda confirms my suspicion that the Birchboxes that ship later in the month are the better ones. Even though I was able to pick the eyeshadow sample and I’m really excited about the face mask, the box overall is pretty boring. At least the value was quite good at $25.50 so no complaints there.

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