The July Decluttering Challenge: Cleaning Out My Makeup Stash

Spring Cleaning - Cleaning Out My Makeup Stash 3

Spring Cleaning - Cleaning Out My Makeup Stash 2

Spring Cleaning - Cleaning Out My Makeup Stash

Part of my July decluttering goal was to clean out my makeup stash. Once a year I like go through all of my makeup and get rid of products that are expired or that simply don’t work for me. I’ve accumulated a lot of makeup so it was about time for my yearly spring summer cleaning.

I decided to get rid of most of my bareMinerals makeup. the bareMinerals foundation use to be my go-to base for years but I’ve found that it just doesn’t work well for my dry-dehydrated skin. It tends to look patchy, chalky, and powdery. I had a few loose eyeliner powders that I decided to keep because they’re so easy to work with and I also kept a pressed Mineral Veil because I like it for setting my concealer. Everything else I decided to trash.

My mascara stash was seriously getting out of hand. I had a bunch of samples that I had kept for traveling purposes but most of them have been opened and used before. I’ve had them for a few years so at this point they’re either expired, dried out, or contaminated. Or all three. I really didn’t want to risk an eye infection and I have enough other mascaras so it was an easy decision to just get rid of all of them.

You all know that I’m not a huge lip gloss person. Nevertheless I accumulated a lot of lip glosses and lip balms over the years. There were a few that I’ve had for over a decade. Gross – I know – which is why I finally threw them out. I also still owned the first eyeliner that I ever bought. As a teenager. Another item that expired years ago and needed to go. Finally, I decided to trash a gold-copper colored cream eye shadow. I don’t really care for the shade but since I swatched it I can’t swap it anymore. It was a gift with purchase so at least I didn’t lose any money.

I also got rid of one concealer that just didn’t provide any coverage as well as a powder. I hit pan on the powder a few months ago and haven’t really used it since getting one of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders so in the trash it went.

I’m glad to finally have cleared my makeup stash. My makeup drawer looks much cleaner and organized and I finally have space to fit any new purchases.

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