JULEP – Classic with a Twist Box July 2014

JULEP - Classic With A Twist Box July 2014

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Another month, another Julep nail polish collection. Now that we’ve hit the midst of the summer I’m more then ever drawn to bright colors so this month’s Poolside collection was right up my alley. I’m not quite brave enough for the blues and greens in this collection but I was immediately drawn to the Classic with a Twist box (of course).

The Classic with a Twist box contains two nail polishes and a beauty item. This month the polish colors were Kelsey, a powder peach creme, and Vicki, a pink flamingo creme. While the whole Poolside collection is pretty bright, the Classic with a Twist colors are more subdued and washed out. I was hoping that Kelsey would be a good dupe for Essie’s Resort Fling (which I returned) but Resort Fling is quite a bit more saturated than Kelsey. Vicki is the color that I fell in love with from the swatches. In the bottle it looks a bit less coral and more like a hot, but washed out, pink. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed in the colors when I opened my box because they weren’t really what I was expecting. I’m hoping, though, that these polishes will grow on me once I have them on my nails.

I also decided to add on Colette from June’s Three Wishes collection. Colette is described as poetic violet shimmer. I had my eyes on this color last month but ultimately decided to be frugal and skip altogether. This month Julep offered some of the past collections’ colors as add-ons so I jumped on the opportunity to add Colette to my stash.

JULEP - Classic With A Twist Box July 2014 - polishes

The beauty item this month was the Bare Body Milk (6.8 fl oz, $24, $19.20 Maven price). This is an ultra-lightweight lotion that absorb really fast without feeling sticky or greasy. The scent is described as Julep’s signature Beach Tonic fragrance which, frankly, means absolutely nothing. To me it smells fresh and sweet, citrusy with hints of floral – I like it a lot.

Lastly, Julep also threw in two US-themed Tootsie Rolls for good measure which made my sweet tooth really happy.

JULEP - Classic With A Twist Box July 2014 - contents

Overall, the verdict is still out for this box until I get  a chance to try these colors and see if they grow on me. I do like the body milk more than I think I would so that makes up for my initial disappointment.

I paid $19.99 for this box, plus $4.99 for Colette and received $66 worth of items ($52.80 Maven price). Each Julep nail polish is 0.27 fl oz and costs $14 ($11.20 Maven price) if bought individually.

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