The Memebox Scentbox #3 Grapefruit

Memebox - Scentbox #3 Grapefruit

Memebox - Scentbox #3 Grapefruit - contents

Disclaimer: I received this box complimentary from Memebox for review purposes. I’m not being compensated for this post. The opinions expressed in this post are my own. I will always honestly review all products I receive complimentary.

Last week I had a fun email in my inbox. The Memebox team got in touch with me and asked whether I would be interested in reviewing one of their boxes. Of course I would be!

What is Memebox you may ask? Memebox, pronounced Mi-mi-box, is a Korean company that curates boxes full of beauty products by Korean and Asian brands. In contrast to your average subscription box service, you can pick and choose which box to receive and you pay-as-you-go for each of them. While the contents are a secret, each box has a theme which makes it easy to find a box that you might enjoy.

I honestly don’t have much experience with Korean beauty products but I usually associate them with whimsical packagings and quirky, innovative ideas. What better way to get some exposure to the Korean beauty market than by trying out Memebox?

I was told that my box would ship this week but I was still surprised to come home on Thursday to find a cute, pink package on my doorstep – my very first Memebox. Apparently, it was shipped overnight from Korea so it would arrive here super fast.

The Memebox I ended up receiving was the Scentbox #3 Grapefruit. I love the scent of grapefruit, especially in the summer since it’s so refreshing. The box contained four products which are all detailed on the enclosed card. The information card is a lifesaver since all of the descriptions and instructions on the products themselves are in Korean. I would be totally lost without this.

Memebox - Scentbox #3 Grapefruit - instructions

(click to enlarge)

Evas Mimi Lauryne’s Dress Perfume Mist de Grapefruit (150 ml, $18)

This like a more fancy version of Febreze. You can spray it on any kind of fabric (clothing, bedding, upholstery, etc.) to refreshen and remove odors. It smells amazing with notes of grapefruit, lilac, orange flower, violet, and musk. I wish the scent would linger a bit longer.

Memebox - Scentbox #3 Grapefruit - Evas Mimi Lauryne's Dress Perfume Mist de Grapefruit

Kael28 Sun Killing Grapefruit Gel (270 ml, $30)

This is basically like aloe gel but with grapefruit extract, intended for after-sun care to cool and sooth irritated or sun-burnt skin. It can also be used as a toner, emulsion, essence, cream, and overnight treatment. I’m a bit afraid to put this on my face but this might make a refreshing alternative to body lotion.

Memebox - Scentbox #3 Grapefruit - Kael28 Sun Killing Grapefruit Gel

Pure Smile Hydro Gel Choosy Fruit (3 ml, $2 each)

This is what I meant by “quirky ideas.” Each package contains a gel-type sheet masks for your lips (or nipples, apparently) with vitamin E, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to deliver moisture and nutrition for dry and chapped lips. I had no idea that this was a thing but why not? Your lips need some TLC too.

Memebox - Scentbox #3 Grapefruit - Pure Smile Hydro Gel Choosy Fruit

Happy Fam Deo Fresh Grapefruit (20 wipes, $2)

The last item in this box is a packet of grapefruit-scented deodorant wipes. Not the most exciting beauty item to receive but these are perfect for whenever you’re on-the-go and need a quick freshen-up.

Memebox - Scentbox #3 Grapefruit - Happy Fam Deo Fresh Grapefruit

Overall, I think that this was a great introduction to Memebox. I love the perfume mist and I’m excited to give the lip masks a try. Unfortunately, this particular box is already sold out.

I love the wide selection of boxes that Memebox offers. There is definitely something for everyone, whether you’re interested in skin care, makeup, or bath & body. I, for one, have my eyes on the Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care box as well as the Superbox #40 Pomegranate Cosmetics.

Prices differ from box to box with some costing as little as $15 and others going up to around $60. Most boxes retail for a very reasonable $23. Generally, the box price is a good indication for the value and number of products in it, where more expensive boxes will include more products and/or more expensive items. The base prices for the boxes is very reasonable for what you get and you will definitely get your money’s worth. For example, the Scentbox #3 Grapefruit retailed for $15 and I received over $50 worth of products. Memebox also offers box bundles which will generally give you a discount on the base box price and/or shipping.

Memebox ships to the US and Canada as well as 44 other countries (for a full list click here). Shipping is not included in the base price of each box. Standard shipping costs $6.99 which, again, is very reasonable considering that the boxes ship directly from Korea. Each kind of box has a different ship-by date which is important to note because once you order a box it might still be a month before it starts shipping. As a result, shipping is assessed on each box individually.

If you’re interested in trying out Memebox, you can use code AX2MTQ to save $5 off of any order (Valid until the end of July 2014, one-time use).

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  1. Whoop, whoop! And Meme box hits it out of the park again!

    I’ve tried a gel lip mask before and it is certainly an interesting feeling. LOL about the double usage…

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