JULEP – Evie

Julep - Evie

As a confessing nail polish addict, I swoon about a a lot of nail polishes on this blog. However, I think I found a new favorite: Julep’s Evie.

I gifted Evie to a friend of mine with the same name for her birthday and when I received it in the mail I knew I had to have it too. I was really disappointed when I found out that it was out of stock but I got lucky and Julep restocked it a few weeks later. Yay!

Evie is described as a fresh-picked raspberry creme with gold shimmer. It’s a blue-leaning red but the golden shimmer gives it some warm undertone. The shimmer is more apparent in bright sunlight, giving this polish a little something special.

This polish applied beautifully. The consistency was neither too thin nor too thick. I didn’t have any issues with pooling around the cuticles. Evie leveled out really well so streaks weren’t a problem either. I needed two coats to achieve opacity. The dry time was a bit better than usual with Julep polish but this didn’t lead to any problems with dragging or balding.

The wear time with this polish is awesome. I usually get 3-5 days out of a manicure before the polish begins to chip but Evie lasted for a full week with only minor tip-wear. That’s a new best for me.

The only problem I had with this polish was that miniature air bubbles started to form after I applied my top coat. I’m not sure if I should’ve let Evie dry longer before applying the top coat or whether I applied too thick of a layer but I’m sure this problem can be preempted by tweaking my application a bit.

Evie officially has my vote for summer polish shade of 2014. It certainly will adorn my toes during my upcoming beach vacation. Summer can’t come soon enough.

Each Julep nail polish is 0.27 fl oz and costs $14 ($11.20 Maven price) if bought individually.

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