Nails Inc – Brook Street

Nails Inc - Brook Street

Now that the temperatures are warming up I’ve been getting into the mood for summery shades on my nails. I recently received a sample of the Brook Street nail polish from Nails Inc in a swap. This is my first Nails Inc polish and I’ve been very excited to give this British cult company a try.

Brook Street is described as a “soft pink coral shade.” It leans more pink than OPI’s My Chihuahua Bites! and Butter London’s MacBeth while at the same time being somewhat lighter and appearing a bit washed out. While Brook Street is not an exact dupe, it’s pretty similar to the above shades so if you own any of them it’s safe to skip this one.

I had a hard time applying thin, even coats with this nail polish. While the consistency is not particularly thick, there was a lot of drag during application, requiring more polish on the brush than I usually like to use. I applied two coats in the above pictures and the result turned out a bit uneven.

Wear time with this nail polish hasn’t been all that great either. I had the first minor chips within 24 hours. On the upside, I’ve now worn this polish for four days and while more chips have appeared the manicure overall is still passable. There also hasn’t been a lot of tip wear which is pretty impressive since I type on a keyboard all day.

Overall, I’m not blown away by this nail polish. I love the color but I wish application was a bit easier. I’m excited that I finally got to try a Nails Inc polish but at the same time I’m happy that I didn’t pay for this one out of my own pocket.

Nails Inc polishes are 0.33 fl oz and retail for $9.50.

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