JULEP – Joanna

Julep - Joanna - sunlight

JULEP Joanna in bright sunlight

In the spirit of Easter I wanted to show you one of my favorite nail polish colors for this spring – Julep’s Joanna.

Joanna is a lilac frost with blue undertones. The shimmer is especially visible in bright sunlight which makes the color more vibrant. When looking at the bottle in direct sunlight the shimmer also shows a red shift but that doesn’t translate to the nail.

The swatches below were shot in the shade which makes the color appear a bit more subdued, warmer, and less shimmery.

Julep - Joanna - shade

JULEP Joanna in the shade

The consistency of this color is perfect, neither too thin nor too thick. It makes application a breeze. I didn’t have any difficulty with streaking which can be a problem with some shimmers. The color was opaque in two thin coats.

I also didn’t have any issues with chipping with this polish. I wore it for four days until I got a bit tired of the color and tip-wear was minimal.

Overall, I think that this is a great color for spring. It’s a beautiful pastel and the frost finish gives it that bit of an edge that I love.

Julep nail polishes are 0.27 fl oz and retail at $14 ($11.20 Maven price).

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