JULEP – Farrah

Julep - Farrah

Rounding up my current collection of silk/satin finish nail polishes is Julep’s Farrah which I received in my January Maven Box. Between Abigail and OPI’s Love.Angel.Music.Baby this one is probably my favorite.

Farrah is a lovely lilac with red undertones and an iridescent matte finish that is characteristic for Julep’s silk polishes. It’s the perfect pastel for spring and Easter and has been on my nails a lot since the temperatures have been getting warmer. It’s feminine and sophisticated while the shimmer gives some edginess to what could otherwise be just another boring neutral.

Farrah, like Abigail, has a nice consistency that’s neither too thick nor too runny. It goes on in fairly thin coats without any streaking. I used two coats in the above pictures and wasn’t quite able to reach opacity. The tips of my nails are still faintly shining through but since this is a pastel it isn’t very noticeable. Three coats yield marginally better results but for me it’s not worth the trade-off in regards to dry time.

After much trial and error I think I finally found a way to apply these silk polishes without messing up the paint job. It involves waiting. A lot. Booh. The trick is to give each coat ample time to dry before applying the next one. I waited half an hour after applying the first coat and used quick-dry drops a few time to speed up the process. After half an hour the first coat had tried almost all the way through. I then applied the second coat and used quick-dry tops a few times afterward. After another half an hour or so my manicure was completely dry without any dents or smudges.

The wear time with Farrah is great. I can go a week without chipping but tip wear will start to show after a few days since there is no protective top coat.

I absolutely love the Julep silk finishes and I really hope that they will release more of them in the future. In case any Julep representative is reading this: can I please get a gray silk nail polish? It would totally make my day.

Julep nail polishes are 0.27 fl oz and retail at $14 ($11.20 Maven price).

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