OPI – Gwen Stefani Collection – Love.Angel.Music.Baby

OPI - Love.Angel.Music.Baby

When Julep first released their silk nail polishes I fell head over heals in love with their pearly iridescent finish. I have since embarked on a journey to find similar nail polishes so when I came across a display of the new Gwen Stefani collection by OPI I was immediately drawn to the golden shimmery awesomeness that is Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

Love.Angel.Music.Baby is promoted as a satin finish. It is a golden shimmer with white undertones that dries matte. This combination turns what would otherwise be a sparkle explosion into a color that’s special enough to wear on a night out but could just as well be worn to the office.

The consistency of Love.Angel.Music.Baby is slightly thick, even for OPI standards. This is a big contrast to the Julep silk finishes which are a lot thinner. The consistency makes it difficult to work in thin coats which in turn affects the dry time. Since you can’t use a quick-dry top coat with these finishes I rely on thinner layers and quick-dry drops to make the polish dry in a reasonable amount of time (read: less than two hours).

On the bright side, the thicker consistency results in this polish being almost opaque in one coat. I did use two coats in the pictures above which in hindsight wasn’t necessary. The second coat didn’t really change the opacity that much but it resulted in the dry time being ridiculously long (read: more than two hours). My manicure got quite a few dents and nicks while the polish was drying but the finish allows for some amount of touch-up. I’ve learned my lesson and will stick to one coat in the future.

The wear time with Love.Angel.Music.Baby is exceptional. I got a full week out of this manicure without a single chip or any amount of tip wear. In the end the polish developed hairline cracks in places where my nails would bend naturally which is when I removed it.

If you love matte/satin/silk nail polishes as much as I do than Love.Angel.Music.Baby is one that you should absolutely add to your collection. It retails at $9 for 0.5 fl oz and is available at Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply, and BeautyBrands.

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