Disappointing Beauty Products – Confessions of a Concealaholic

Benefit Cosmetics - Confessions of a Concealaholic

Benefit Cosmetics - Confessions of a Concealaholic - contents

I was really excited when I first got the Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic concealer kit on eBay a few months ago. I’ve been searching for a good concealer for both blemishes and dark undereye circles for a while and Benefit’s boi-ing and erase paste were pretty high on my list of products to try. I decided to get this set because I thought that it would be a good way to try those concealers without breaking the bank.

This kit includes:

While I really liked the concept of this kit, in practice it fell short of my expectations. Firstly, this kit is quite bulky and there is a lot of wasted space. It takes up quite a bit of room on my dresser and it’s definitely not travel-friendly. For the number of products that are included I think it could’ve been construct more efficiently.

Secondly, boi-ing, lemon aid, and eye bright are cream products but in this kit they’re exposed to air so they will be prone to drying out after a while. The erase paste came in its own little tub with a screw on lid and I wish that at least the two boi-ing samples had been packaged similarly.

My main problem with the boi-ing concealers is the color selection. 02 light/medium is ridiculously dark. I would even say that this is darker than what I would consider ‘medium’. There is no way to make this work for my fair to light skin tone without mixing it with 01 light. The lighter color is close to my skin tone but its pink undertones don’t really work for me. I think most people would need to apply a mix of the two colors but there is no good way to do so. I think it would’ve been nice if this set had included a small area where you could mix those two colors to match your skin tone.

Moreover, I’m not impressed with the coverage of the boi-ing concealers. Using the enclosed brushes doesn’t really pick up enough product from the pan and sheers out the concealer when applying it to my skin. Using my fingers works slightly better but even then it doesn’t covered my blemishes and scars well enough.

The erase paste fares slightly better in my opinion. The 02 medium is much lighter than the boi-ing in 02 light/medium and I’m able to make the color work on my dark circles. However, for some reason the consistency of my tub of erase paste is very tick to the point where it’s almost impossible to get any of it out of the jar. It might be that this particular jar is old since I think that the consistency of samples I’ve seen at Sephora has been more fluid.

The one sample I really liked in this kit is the “that gal” brightening face primer. I don’t really see much of a brightening effect when used under foundation but it works well at evening out my complexion and making my foundation last longer. I like to use it with the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint especially when my skin is a bit on the dry side. I can’t really say much about lemon aid and eye bright because I haven’t tried those two as I don’t really need them.

Overall, if you’re interested in the different Benefit concealers I would recommend to rather try them out in store first in order to determine whether any of the available colors match your skin tone. Don’t waste your money on this set.

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