New Year’s Resolutions – January Update

I’ve been talking about my New Years resolutions so much that I thought it would be nice to give all of you a short update on how things are going. Also, I think it helps me stay on track. No pressure, right? 🙂


I wrote 14 posts over the month of January which translates to about 3 posts a week. That’s a bit short of my goal of 4-5 posts a week so that remains a work in progress. However, I also started a new series “Recent Repurchases,” posted my first swatches of the NARS Final Cut collection, and wrote about my skin care routine so I think I’m doing pretty good in regards to the variety of posts.


We had midyear reviews this month and even though I’ve only been with the group for a short time the review was generally positive. I brought up the topic of a raise with my supervisor and he was very supportive. He thinks that I’m on the right track to receive a raise or promotion over the next year and he told me to keep up the good work.


January wasn’t too good money-wise. I bought tickets to go to Germany in the Fall for my grandma’s 90th birthday so that was a big expense.

On the bright side, there has also been some minor financial progress:

  • I took some time this month to revise my budget.
  • I corrected a mistake with HR that hadn’t recorded any personal allowances for my state taxes which means about $20 more in my pocket each month.
  • I participated in a promotion for my contact lenses and am expecting a $50 mail-in-rebate soon.
  • We switched our TV and internet provider because our promotional rate expired and we weren’t happy with them anyway. We got a pretty good deal and are now paying less than we were with our old provider.

In regards to making better purchasing decision I did so-so. I passed up on a couple of “deals” but toward the end of the month I discovered Caroline Hiron’s blog which prompted me to rethink my skin care routine. I bought quite a few skin care products since then, which I plan to share with you all soon. While my skin is a lot happier, my bank account isn’t so I set myself a budget for this month to make up for it.


I’ve started to use the stairs almost exclusively. These days I only use the elevator if I’m carrying something heavy. It isn’t much but it’s a good start to get some more exercise.

I also have been more conscious about the amount of water I’ve been drinking and more vigilant about doing my stretches a few times a day. This really helps me with the neck pain I’m getting from working in front of a computer all day.


I made some good progress decluttering this month. I went through my jeans in order to get rid of any that were ripped or permanently stained. I also turned all of the hangers in my closet around to help determine which clothes I don’t use anymore and can be donated, a trick I saw on Simply Save.

I also used up quite a bit of my skin care samples. I did buy a few new products but so far I’ve been liking and using all of them so I don’t really feel like those count against the stash. Right? Right!

I also made some progress in decorating the apartment. I put some pictures in our bedroom and decorated some furniture items that we got for our dining room. They had been bare for a few months and looked kinda boring. Things are starting to come together and although there are still a lot of things we want to get done we’re steadily making progress to make our apartment a home.

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  1. 1. Bravo for taking your finances by the reins.
    2. Caroline Hirons is the shiz.
    3. I will do whatever Caroline Hirons, aka skin care goddess, says including emptying out my bank account, so I don’t blame you one bit.
    4. We’ll be hot, old, broke ladies together.

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