January Favorites

Whaaa, I can’t believe January is over already. Where did this whole month go? Maybe I’m getting old but it seems like Christmas was only yesterday (insert get-off-my-lawn joke here). Anyway, the end of the months also means that it’s Favorites time again. I’m particularly excited about this one so let’s dive right in.

January Favorites

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm – 3.8 oz, $28.50

One of the things I wanted to change about my skin care routine was the way I was going about makeup removal. Facial towelettes just didn’t get the job done thoroughly enough. This balm-to-oil cleanser has gotten rave reviews as a gentle way to remove even the toughest makeup. It dissolves mascara, foundation, and sunscreen easily and completely. I use a hot washcloth to remove it and it leaves my skin clean without any residue while not drying or stripping my already dehydrated winter skin. The price may seem a bit steep but I only need the smallest amount to throughly cleanse my whole face so I expect this jar to last me a few months.

REN Hydra-Calm Gentle Cleansing Milk – 5.1 fl oz, $28

I’ve been reaching for this cleanser a lot lately as it provides just that little bit of extra nourishment that my skin has been craving during the colder months. I apply it on dry skin either in the morning or as my second cleanse at night whenever my skin feels a bit dry. I then add some water to my fingers and massage the product into my skin to help lift away the last bits of dirt of grime. As usual, I remove it with a hot washcloth. It’s very gentle and makes my skin feel moisturized, smooth, and soft. No tightness whatsoever.

tarte Pure Maracuja Oil – 1.7 oz, $46

I received this deluxe size sample of the tarte Pure Maracuja Oil with one of the Sephora Black Friday deals but only started using it around the end of December. This has been a skin saver as my skin was severely dehydrated. I would apply this at night and my skin would just soak it right up. While it doesn’t absorb completely on its own my face doesn’t feel stick or greasy after application. I normally just massage any residue into my skin and am left with soft and hydrated skin. My overall skin condition has improved a lot since I updated my skin care routine but I still love using this product to give my skin some extra moisture during this cold weather.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation Kit in Level 1 – $42.50

I got these three products as part of a set earlier in January and have been using them in conjunction on most days over the past month. They truly work beautifully together. The primer feel very hydrating on my skin but at the same time you can tell by the change in skin texture after application that your face is now prepped for foundation. It’s not an uncomfortable, heavy feeling like you might get from other silicone primers, just more smooth and even. I like that it feels very light on the skin but you can still make out where it’s been applied so that you can tell whether you’ve hit every part of your face.

The Double Wear Light foundation really does its name justice. It feels really light once applied and I barely feel like I’m wearing any foundation at all. At the same time the coverage is great. I like that I can apply additional layers to my problem areas, cheeks and chin, and it won’t look caky or heavy. It does set fairly fast so blending it well as you go is key. I wish the color of this foundation was a bit lighter or that there was a “fair” color option. It’s a bit darker than my winter skin tone but if I blend it well it just gives me a bit more color without looking unnatural. The wear time is outstanding. I can apply this in the morning at 6AM and it will still look flawless after dinner.

The matching Double Wear concealer is great as well. It’s a bit lighter than the foundation so I use it on my undereye circles as well as my blemishes. For some of the more pronounced marks the coverage is not quite good enough but for the most part it does a good job at covering any spots. It doesn’t crease or cake on me so that’s a definite plus.

“That Gal” Brightening Face Primer – 0.37 oz, $29

I’ve really been liking this primer in conjunction with the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint. I don’t really see a brightening effect but I think it works really well as a primer with this particular foundation. It helps in making the Matte Moisture Tint go on more evenly and increases the overall wear time.

I think all of these products are fantastic so if you’ve been debating getting any of them I hoped that this post helped make up your mind.

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