Love It Or Leave It? Empties #3 – Skin Care

Remember my new years resolution to use up my skin care stash? Yeah, that’s been going pretty well. So well in fact that I have a huge amount of empties, mainly because I’ve been using up all of my samples. In order to keep this post a reasonable size I decided to split it up into two parts. First up we have skin care, followed tomorrow by body, hair, and makeup.

As a side note, you may also have noticed that the format of my empties post has changed slightly. I used to call them “Trash or Treasure?” but decided that those were too harsh of categories. Just because a product doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it is total rubbish. “Love it or Leave it?” sounds much nicer. I also added a third category “Like it” for things that were pretty good but didn’t quite manage to knock my socks off.

Makeup Removal

Yes to Blueberries Cleansing Facial Towelettes

Full Size: 25 ct, $5.99
Verdict: Like it

I still really like the scent of these but for some reason this particular batch was much drier than the one before. This resulted in there not being quite enough moisture to take off all my makeup meaning I had to use two wipes. In addition, I’ve decided to only use makeup remover wipes if I absolutely have to because they just don’t seem to be able to get 100% of my makeup off. I’d still like to have one of these pack on hand for emergencies because they’re simply the best makeup remover wipes I’ve found.

Yes to Cucumber Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes

Full Size: 10 ct, $2.99
Verdict: Leave it

In contrast to the Yes to Blueberry wipes, I didn’t like these ones at all. They weren’t very moisturizing and didn’t do a good job at removing makeup. They were pretty much useless for waterproof mascara. They may be nice to just freshen up you skin but they are utter rubbish for removing makeup.

bebe Young Care 3in 1 Pflegende Reinigungstücher (Nourishing Facial Towelettes)

Full Size: 25 ct
Verdict: Like it

The cloth of these were a bit rougher than the Yes to Blueberry wipes but they did a good job at removing even waterproof makeup. This brand doesn’t exist in the US but I’d get them again if I’d need facial wipes while in Germany.

Beauty Fixation Make Up Remover

Full Size: 24 applicators, $5
Verdict: Love it

These were great for getting rid of mascara smudges. The price is a bit high. I can get similar products for slightly cheaper at the drugstore but they’re so convenient that I will make sure to always have something like this on hand.

Cleansers & Masks

I’m not sure why I grouped cleansers and masks together but when I took the pictures it must’ve made sense to me.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

Full Size: 4 oz, $32.95
Verdict: Love it

I’ve posted before about how much I like this exfoliator. It smells great and is gentle in contrast to some other exfoliating products. I’m not sure quite yet if I would repurchase because I want to try first how well an acidic toner works for exfoliating.

Murad Refreshing Cleanser

Full Size: 6.75 fl oz, $32
Verdict: Leave it

This is a creme-to-foam cleanser. There is really nothing special about. I found the classification as a “refreshing cleanser” quite misleading because it sure as hell isn’t what I would consider refreshing. I wouldn’t repurchase it.

Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial

Full Size: 1.35 fl oz, $45
Verdict: Like it

This is an overnight hydrating mask. It did do a pretty good job at hydrating my skin but I found it a bit sticky after application. It just kinda sat on top of my skin and didn’t really absorb all that well so in the morning there was a bit of residue left. I would potentially repurchase this but it didn’t impress me enough to spend $45 on the full size.

Eye Cream

Supergoop! Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 37

Full Size: 0.5 oz, $45
Verdict: Leave it

I didn’t really care for this eye cream. I appreciate that it has a high SPF but the result was quite a tick creme that didn’t absorb all that well, was a bit too heavy for the delicate eye area, and left the white cast that’s typical for sunscreen. Not a good look.

Benefit Cosmetics – it’s potent! eye cream

Full Size: 0.5 oz, $32
Verdict: Love it

One of my favorite eye creams. Perfect for nighttime use to give the eye area some good nourishment. I still have so many eye creams to use up (including another sample of this one) but I would purchase a full size in the future.

Murad Instant Radiance Eye Cream

Full Size: 0.5 fl oz, $68
Verdict: Leave it

I didn’t care for this eye cream at all. It had a weird, grainy texture that didn’t feel at all nourishing. In addition, it didn’t do anything for my dark circles even though it makes extraordinary claims about it. Definitely will not be repurchasing.


Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid

Full Size: 5 oz, $39
Verdict: Leave it

One thing I liked about this treatment was how little I needed. Just a few drops were enough for the whole face and this tiny bottle lasted me a couple of months. I didn’t really feel, though, like it helped moisturizing my skin so I won’t be repurchasing this.

AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter

Full Size: 1 fl oz, $60
Verdict: Like it

There were so many things I liked about this serum. It smells amazing, makes my skin feel super moisturized, and absorbs quickly. Unfortunately, whenever I would massage this in there would be little balls of product rubbing off. I did some research and apparently this happens when there is a lot of silicone in the product which doesn’t absorb into the skin (nor should it). The silicone is what fills in the pores and wrinkles and makes them look smaller. I’m not necessarily against silicones in skin care products but I just can’t deal with it peeling off like that.


Clinique Youth Surge Age Decelerating Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15

Full Size: 1.7 oz, $52
Verdict: Leave it

I’ve had this sample for a while and never could get myself to use it up. It’s just so thick and heavy. I finally pushed through it and used up the rest and I’m so happy that it’s finally gone.

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream

Full Size: 1.6 fl oz, $48
Verdict: Leave it

Similar to the matching liquid I didn’t really find this to be as moisturizing as I would’ve imagined. It’s really just average in my opinion.

AHAVA Time To Hydrate Essential Day Moisturizer Normal to Dry

Full Size: 1.7 fl oz, $39.50
Verdict: Like it

This moisturizer is pretty light weight which makes it absorb really well and it smells amazing (like all AHAVA products). It does a pretty good job at moisturizing. Not sure yet if I would repurchase, though. It didn’t blow me away.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Nourishing Moisturizer

Full Size: 2.5 fl oz, $28
Verdict: Leave it

This is supposed to be a miracle product that can do everything from removing makeup to being used as a mask. Since the sample was so tiny I only ever used it as a moisturizer. There wasn’t anything special about this creme, nothing that would make it deserving of the miracle title.

BENTA BERRY G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream

Full Size: 1 fl oz, $22
Verdict: Leave it

Another moisturizer that was just average.

bareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer — Combination Skin

Full Size: 1.7 oz, $28
Verdict: Leave it

Aaaand another average moisturizer.

Phew, that was quite a list of products to go through. I’m really happy to be making progress in reducing my skin care stash and using up all these samples. Even though I travel quite a bit nobody needs that many moisturizers.

Check back tomorrow for my hair, body, and makeup empties.

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