Birchbox – January 2014

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My dear post office kept me waiting for my Birchbox this month and didn’t deliver it for two days. Naturally, I just had to sneak a peak online. That’s ok, right? The contents, quite frankly, were so uninspiring that by the time the box finally landed on my doorstep I had almost forgotten what would be in it. Here is my January Birchbox in all its glory:


Birchbox - January 2014 - contents

1. Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy

Scent: Morelia Monarch
Full Size: 6 oz, $14.50
Sample Size: 0.25 oz, $0.60 value

“A nourishing, quick-absorbing formula that restores skin without feeling greasy.”

I don’t really know what a “Morelia Monarch” is supposed to smell like but if it smell anything like this hand cream, it’s quite lovely. The consistency is great as well. It’s a bit on the thicker side – almost like it’s whipped – which means that you don’t really need all that much but. My only complaint is that this cream leave a bit of a silicone-y residue. It’s not sticky but it does make my hands feel greasier than I would like.

2. Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Conditioner

Full Size: 3.2 oz , $25
Sample Size: 1.2 oz, $9.37 value

“Hydrating mist that adds instant softness and shine to strands – no running water required.”

I’ve used dry conditioner before and it didn’t really do anything for me but make my hair greasier. I’ll give this one a try but I don’t have high hopes for it to be any different.

3. Ahmad Tea London – Assorted Teas

Flavors: Peach & Passion Fruit, English Breakfast
Full Size: 40 tea bags, $7
Sample Size: 2 tea bags, $0.35 value

“Beat the winter chill with tasty blends from a Buckingham Palace-approved British brand.”

This was the lifestyle extra this month. I’m an avid tea drinker but I don’t really care for black tea. It’s simply too strong for my liking. This will probably go to the very best boyfriend.

4. LA FRESH Eco Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover – Individual Packets

Full Size: 20 ct, $9.99
Sample Size: 2 ct, $0.99 value

“These biodegradable, chemical-free pads remove all traces of polish while fortifying nails.”

By now Birchbox has probably sent me samples of every single La Fresh product. I didn’t particularly care for their facial wipes but these nail polish remover ones could come in handy during travels or I might keep one in my purse for whenever my nail polish decides to chip during the day.

5. 100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented Mascara

Shade: Black Tea
Full Size: 0.24 oz, $18
Sample Size: 0.1 oz, $7.50 value 

“All natural lash-conditioning wonder that thickens and lengthens with real fruit pigments.”

I haven’t had a chance to try this mascara  yet but the brush looks nice. What is pretty unique about it is that it smells of fruit, probably because of the fruit pigments. I’m sucker for fruity smells so I really like it.

Overall, I wasn’t really impressed with this month’s Birchbox. Of all my Birchbox this is probably my least favorite. At just under $19 this box also had a much lower value than usual. I’m looking forward to trying the mascara and the hand cream is nice but the tea and the nail polish remover wipes didn’t really add any value to the box. I’m hoping that next month’s box will be better.

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  1. I’m sorry, but tea bags? Such a cop out as a “item” for boxes this month. That is the crap that keeps me from going back to Birchbox. I think I’d have more fun lighting my $10/mo on fire and watching it burn… just sayin’.

    When will beauty subscription companies get their shiz together?!

    1. Yeah, not too happy about it. I wouldn’t have minded if the rest of the samples were outstanding but they weren’t. I suppose I was bound to get a dud eventually… Sigh.

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