JULEP – Abigail

I have to confess, I’m in love with Julep’s silk finishes. I received two of them, Farrah and Abigail, in my last Julep box and they’re quickly becoming my favorite nail polishes.

Abigail is described by Julep as a light peony pink which is spot on. In certain lighting conditions the color tends more toward beige but there are definite pink undertones. What makes this color special is the silk finish which is very much like a matte but has a certain pearly iridescence to it. It’s not sparkly by any means but just a slight shimmer that turns what would otherwise be a boring neutral into a standout color.

Julep - Abigail

In the above pictures I used three coats and I wasn’t quite able to reach opacity. If you look very closely you can see the tip of my nails shine through but it isn’t very noticeable since the polish color is so close to my nail color.

The wear time was surprisingly long considering that I wasn’t able to use a top coat in order to preserve the finish. I wore this polish for five days without any chipping. I noticed some tip wear around day three but it wasn’t very noticeable either.

All in all, I’m extremely happy that I decided to get this color in my last Julep box. You all know how much I love edgy neutrals and Abigail fits that profile perfectly. Now if Julep would only release a light gray with a silk finish – that would totally make my day.

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