JULEP – Classic With A Twist Box January 2014

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Of all the Julep boxes I got so far this one is probably my favorite. The boudoir collection introduces two new finishes, satin and silk. The silk finishes are “semi-matte with a hint of opalescence” while the satin finishes are “soft, smooth and semi-matte.” While the satin finishes are very pretty, the silk finishes were the one that instantly caught my eye. They’re pretty understated while at the same time showing just a bit of sparkle that make them quite special. In addition, the three silk shades, Farrah, Abigail, and Noelle were unlike any of the shades in my collection. I knew I had to have them.

Ultimately, I decided to get the Classic With A Twist box because Mona was the companion color that appealed to me the most. In addition, I wanted to try the Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops which would also come in handy since you can’t use a quick-dry top coat with the silk finishes. I decided to get Farrah as an add-on but to skip Noelle because it seemed just too similar to Abigail, albeit less pink and more beige. My final add-on was the Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover and Cuticle Pusher set. I’ve used wooden cuticle pushers in the past but I’ve been wanting a nicer tool for a while and the Vanish drops seemed like a good product to try and clean up my cuticles.

Julep changed things up a bit this month. Instead of the usual black box with bordeaux crinkle paper the box this month was purple with gray crinkle paper. There also wasn’t a sticker with the box name closing the tissue paper. I wonder if this new look is permanent. I certainly like it. Here is this month’s box in all its glory:


The basic Classic With A Twist box included Mona, a storm cloud grey crème, Abigail, a light peony pink silk, as well as the Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops. Two buffers were included as bonus items in my box but I know that other people have received wooden cuticle pushers.

I haven’t tried Mona yet but Abigail is simply gorgeous. While the color itself is understated the silk finish look stunning – very sophisticated but still unique.

The quick-dry drops are so-so. They do reduce dry time somewhat but they don’t work nearly as well as a quick-dry top coat. I still find myself smudging and denting my manicure if I’m not careful. Even worse, both times I used these I ended up taking whole chunks out of my nail polish when I accidentally scraped my nail on something. I had such high hopes for this product. Sigh.


My first add-on, Farrah, a lilac silk, is just as beautiful as Abigail. Lavender nail polish hasn’t really appealed to me before but the silk finish makes this one just too pretty.

The vanish drops work really well to remove overgrown cuticles. They almost work a bit too well as they also soften the top layer of the nail. I used the cuticle pusher a bit too vigorously which resulted in me roughing up my nails a bit. No real damage done but it just means that I need to be careful when using this.


Overall, I paid $37.97 for this box which includes the $19.99 base price and $17.98 for the Vanish Remover & Pusher Set add-on. I got the Farrah add-on for free using Maven points. Each nail polish is 0.27 fl oz and costs $14 ($11.20 Maven price). The Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover retails for $18 ($14.40 Maven price) while the Cuticle Pusher costs $14 ($11.20 Maven price). That brings the total value of this box to $74 ($59.20 Maven price). However, If we consider the true value of the polishes to be closer to $9 per 0.5 fl oz bottle (like OPI) then each nail polish would have a value of $4.50 bringing the total value of the box to $39.10 which is about what I paid for it. I love the nail polishes I got and although the Ta Da! drops where a bit of a disappointment I’m still really happy with my box this month.

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  1. I’m so bummed you had problems with the Quick Dry Drops. They were like magic for me lol. Also, Abigail is the first polish I’ve gotten from Julep that I absolutely love. It’s just gorgeous! So glad you turned me onto this subscription box :D.

    1. Yeah, I’m just spoiled with quick-dry top coats.The drops do work better than nothing but I still end up messing up my manicure… 😦
      Glad you’re liking Julep!

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