Sephora Collection – Makeup Academy Nails and New Year’s Manicure

One of the awesome gifts I received this Christmas was the Sephora Collection – Makeup Academy Nails. It’s a set of 10 Sephora Collection nail polishes, some of which are exclusive to this collection, a glitter top coat, as well as one jar of star jewels. It also includes a handy instruction booklet with 12 nail art tutorials. The shades in this set are:

Sephora Makeup Academy - Nails

You all know how much I love neutral nail polishes. I probably wouldn’t have picked out this set for myself. However, I’m very happy that I received it. The wide variety of colors are just perfect to start experimenting some more and try myself at some nail art.

When looking at the instruction booklet, the tutorial that instantly caught my eye was the one for a glitter tip. The instructions seemed easy enough to follow: apply a layer of the black nail polish (Black Lace), then apply the glitter nail polish (Party Animal) to the tips in a tapping motion, graduating it toward the middle. It’s very sparkly so I thought it would be perfect for celebrating the beginning of a new year.

New Year's Manicure

I was very impressed by the quality of these nail polishes. Black Lace has a nice, thick consistency and was opaque in one coat. The finish is very shiny, even without a top coat. The brush is amazing. It’s thick and slightly tapered which makes it really easy to apply the polish around the cuticles. I’ve always really liked the OPI brushes but I think I like this one even better.

Party animal is an amazing glitter top coat. It has a high density of glitter particles. There is large, silver hex glitter. There is multi colored, medium hex glitter. And there is small silver glitter. It was super easy to deposit enough glitter to achieve this look. I really like the end result. The only downside is that the resulting layer of glitter was quite thick and it took a very long time to fully dry – probably half a day or so. I bumped my nails several times while it was drying, causing the glitter to shift and I had to push it back into place. Luckily you can’t tell too much from the final result. Next time I may try to work with multiple thinner layers of glitter and allow adequate dry time between each application.

Individually, each Sephora Collection nail polish retails for $5 which brings the total value of this set to about $55. Although the bottles look much larger, each nail polish is only 0.16 fl oz. That’s about 1/3 of the size of OPI polishes which means that ounce per ounce Sephora Collection nail polishes are more expensive. This doesn’t really bother me that muc because the quality of these polishes is great and it allows me to get a larger variety of colors.

Unfortunately, the set is sold out at but if you happen to see it in store or would like to try some of the other Sephora Collection nail polishes, I can highly recommend this line.

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