Subscription Boxes In The Spotlight: Blue Apron

This is part of a series about subscription boxes where I’ll introduce the box services I subscribe to, my general opinion of them, as well as some other ones that I find interesting and would consider subscribing.

Lately the very best boyfriend and I have been super busy and rarely been finding time to go to the grocery store let alone spend time cooking dinner. Which is kinda sad because we love to cook and some days dinner is the only quality time we have together. That’s when I stumbled upon a review for the meal subscription service Blue Apron over at My Subscription Addiction and it seemed like the answer to our problems.

Blue Apron sends you a box full of ingredients for three meals each week. You get to choose whether you want to receive the vegetarian box or the classic box that includes meat and seafood. In addition, you specify whether you want to receive a box for 2, 4, or 6 people. The coast is $9.99 per meal, per person.

The box gets delivered to your address in an insulated package with ice packs to ensure that the products stay fresh for a few hours after delivery. Unfortunately, Blue Apron doesn’t delivery to all of the US yet. At the moment they deliver to all of the Pacific and the Eastern time zones as well as the western Mountain and the eastern Central time zone. Check this map to see if your address is in their delivery area.

Blue Apron allows you to choose which day of the week you want your box to be delivered. For most areas the delivery can be set for Wednesday through Saturday.

Each box includes recipe cards with detailed instructions including pictures for each step. The box contains all the ingredients that you need in the exact quantity needed for the recipes. That means, no wasted food and no overflowing spice rack because you once needed 1/3 tsp of alum for that one recipe that you’ll never cook again. The only thing you need at home is olive oil, salt, and pepper as well as pots, pans, and cooking utensils (duh). The recipes are supposed to be easy and designed to take less than 35 minutes to cook.

You don’t get a choice as to what recipes will be in your box but it looks like the meat and fish box usually includes one chicken, one beef, and one seafood recipe. If you don’t like one week you can skip very easily by using their website. You are not required to purchase a certain number of boxes each month so you can skip however often you want or need. There is a deadline for skipping a week which is 7 days before the delivery date of the box you want to skip.

The online user interface is extremely easy to use. It is organized as a monthly calendar view that shows you the day your box is supposed to arrive. When clicking on the delivery date of a specific box you can choose to skip said delivery. For right now we only want to receive a box every second week and we were already able to skip those weeks for two months in advance using their website. Very convenient.

We chose to get the meat & fish box for 2 people. The recipes on the Blue Apron website all looked super delicious which is the main reason that we went with Blue Apron as opposed to one of the other meal subscription services. Even if one of the meals doesn’t look as good I think Blue Apron will be great to try out recipes I normally wouldn’t. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Our first delivery is set for the upcoming Saturday and I’m super excited. Of course, I will share our first box and recipes with you.

Have you used a meal subscription service before?

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