Living Proof Full Hair Care Line and My Hair Care Routine

I probably mentioned a few times before that I have seriously fine hair. Like, so stick-straight that I don’t ever need to straighten my hair. I still own a flat iron but that’s only because it works so well at curling and styling my hair. But that’s a topic for a different post.

My hair dresser always comments on how jealous she is of my straight hair but for me it’s incredibly hard to work with. No matter what products I use or what technique I employ to get more volume, my hair falls flat within the hour. It’s so frustrating.

In addition, I started highlighting my hair a couple of years ago which, in combination with blow-drying and heat-styling, did some real damage to my strands. My hair has been getting into much better shape since I started taking better care of it. I’ve been using the Pureology Hydrate Light conditioner and a weekly mask which has made a world of a difference. I love how soft and sleek my hair has been feeling but unfortunately, this has been making it harder to give my hair volume.

Queue the Living Proof Full Travel Set. Some of you may remember that I purchased this set a few weeks back with my last Ulta order. I’ve been using it exclusively for the last few weeks except for that one time a week when I use a hair mask and a clarifying shampoo. Since the set’s box claims that you will see a difference in two weeks I figured it was time for a review.

Living Proof - Full Travel Set

First, let’s talk about the products in the Full line and what is included in the travel set:

Full Shampoo

Travel Size: 2 oz, $10 individual price
Full Size: 8 oz, $24

“Full Shampoo is a sulfate-free daily shampoo formulated specifically to care for flat, lifeless hair. It thoroughly cleanses hair of dirt, oil and product residue in a way that’s gentle. Full Shampoo features OFPMA which enables the surfactants to cleanse more efficiently– so you get complete cleansing without stripping.”

Full Conditioner

Travel Size: 2 oz, $10 individual price
Full Size: 8 oz, $24

“Full Conditioner is an oil-free, silicone-free conditioner formulated specifically to care for fine, thin or lifeless hair. Full Conditioner features OFPMA for superior detangling, offering a weightless alternative to silicones and oils. Utilizing a blend of lightweight conditioning agents and OFPMA, hair is soft, shiny and healthy but never heavy.”

Full Thickening Cream

Travel Size: 1.8 oz, $15 individual price
Full Size: 3.7 oz, $26

“Full Thickening Cream is a lightweight formula that features PBAE, a new technology invented by our scientists that creates a micro-pattern of thickening points on each strand. Full creates beautiful, natural fullness and touchable body that lasts throughout the day. Because it’s a completely flexible technology, your hair won’t collapse or become stiff and crunchy.”

Full Root Lifting Spray

Travel Size: 0.25 oz, $1 value (not for individual sale)
Full Size: 5.5 oz, $26

“For flat, lifeless hair, our scientists developed Full Root Lifting Hairspray to create beautiful lift and height. Full Root Lifting Hairspray features an exclusive blend of flexible and strong holding polymers to optimize the polymer blend, making the lift touchable and flexible without compromising its durability.”

The line also contains a mousse which is not part of the travel set:

Full Thickening Mousse

Travel Size: 1.9 oz, $15
Full Size: 5.0 oz, $26

“Full Thickening Mousse is designed for flat, lifeless hair. This ultra-lightweight formula features breakthrough PBAE, a new technology invented by our scientists that deposits a flexible, micro-pattern of thickening points on each strand. These thickening points add just the right amount of natural texture to the hair strands to make flat, limp hair look, act and feel like full, thick hair. Because it’s a completely flexible technology, it lasts throughout the day without collapsing or becoming stiff and crunchy. It also contains just the right amount of flexible hold to help keep your style in place.”

Now, let’s talk about my hair care routine. When I decided to take better care of my hair I started reading a lot of beauty blogs to get tips on a good hair care routine. After some trial and error I found what steps work best for me. I used the same routine during the trial of the Full line.

  1. I use a quarter size amount of shampoo and lather it in my hands before working it into my roots. I try to stay away from my ends, since those tend to be quite dry but total avoidance is not always possible. After rinsing I repeat this step. I’ve found that sulfate free shampoos don’t lather as well in my hair so I do a second round which produces a lot more suds. Maybe I’m a bit OCD but unless I get a nice lather I don’t feel like my hair is truly clean.
  2. I apply a quarter size amount of conditioner to my ends. I work my fingers through my hair to distribute the conditioner somewhat. Now, this amount of condition will probably not feel like it’s quite enough but that’s where the next step comes in.
  3. I use a very wide tooth comb and run it through my hair. I like the QuikStyle Comb by Goody because it has two rows for effective detangling. Trust me, this will make a world of a difference. As I comb my hair the conditioner distributes and coats every strand. I need much less product and get very smooth hair.
  4. I go about the rest of my shower routine and rinse my hair at the very end. I try to not rinse out all of the conditioner but still keep enough in my hair to make it feel a little bit silky.
  5. After I get out of the shower I put my hair up in a microfiber Turbie Twist. Seriously, how did I ever live without this? While I give my hair some time to dry I go about the rest of my morning routine.
  6. Once I’m ready to blow-dry and style my hair I apply a leave-in treatment to nourish my dry tips and protect them from split-ends. I’ve used many different products in the past but while using the Living Proof Full line I decided to try another Living Proof product: the Living Proof Restore Targeted Repair Cream that I got as a gift with purchase when I purchased the travel set. I spread a pea size amount between the palms of my hands and apply it to my ends. I also apply some to the ends of my layers at the back of my head as well my bangs and around my face since that’s where I get split-ends very easily. I give my a hair a quick comb through with a wide tooth comb to distribute the repair cream.
  7. Next, I apply the Living Proof Prime Style Extender (see my review here) by distributing a dime size amount through the length of my hair and combing it through.
  8. I then apply the styling products in the Full line. I first apply 5-10 sprays of the Root Lifting spray to my roots. To ensure that I also get the roots of the lower layers I tip my head upside down and apply 2-3 spritzes to the back of my head. After that I rub a dime size amount of the thickening cream between my palms and apply it to the length of my hair. I comb my hair again with a wide tooth comb to distribute the products.

Phew, that’s a lot of steps but this routine works well for me. After I apply the styling products I go about blow-drying and styling my hair.

The overall results of using this Living Proof Full set are phenomenal. My hair gets some serious oomph and on top of that, the volume has great staying-power. My hair doesn’t fall flat after a few hours and I still have voluminous hair on day two.

Here is my take on the individual products in the Living Proof Full line.


The shampoo is a clear gel that reminds me a lot of a clarifying shampoo. I like that it’s sulfate-free and, thus, less harsh. However, that also means that it doesn’t lather very well and with this shampoo especially there was almost no lather during the first wash. A second wash leaves my hair very clean but on the downside it also gets frizzy and pretty tangled. I assume that this is what makes it volumizing but I’m not a fan of the way this shampoo makes my hair feel.


The conditioner has the consistency of a light lotion and, like the shampoo, is not very nourishing. It does help to detangle my hair but it’s much harder to comb through than with other, more hydrating conditioners. Since this is a volumizing line I don’t expect the conditioner to be as nourishing as, for example, the Pureology Hydrate Light conditioner I mentioned before. However, since I highlight my hair I’m always afraid to get split-ends if I don’t use a good, nourishing conditioner.

Root Lifting Spray

The root lifting spray does give me a bit more volume at my roots. The result isn’t mind-blowing but noticeable. Most impressive is that the volume doesn’t fall flat. I still have a good amount of volume going on day two.

Thickening Cream

I love the thickening cream. While applying I can actually feel how my hair goes from smooth to getting some texture. It gives me a good amount of volume in the length of my hair and that full, voluminous look that I’m always hoping to achieve. As with the spray, my hair retains the volume well into day two.

Overall, I got some great results while using this line. My only concern is that the shampoo and conditioner may not be as nourishing as what my highlighted hair needs. I have tried the thickening cream by itself in the hopes that I could use it with my usual shampoo and conditioner and still achieve great volume but it just didn’t perform as well. I think you probably need to use all the products in the Full line together to get the best results. I will do some more experimenting to see if there is a combination of Full and other products that will give me voluminous hair with enough nourishment for my dry ends.

I really like the volume this line gives to my thin hair. I would generally recommend the Living Proof Full line to anyone trying to add some volume to their hair. However, since the shampoo and conditioner aren’t very nourishing I would advise to use a good hydrating mask a few times a month if your hair gets damaged easily.

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