Living Proof – Prime Style Extender

Don’t you hate it when you put in hours curling and styling your hair just to have it fall flat within an hour’s time? Yeah, me too! That’s why I was super excited when I saw that the Limited Edition Birchbox for CEW – Prestige Headliners included a deluxe size sample of the Living Proof Prime Style Extender. This product is advertised to work like a primer for your hair, making it easier to style and extending the lifetime of your do.

“Prime extends hair styles 2x longer, while enabling you to go longer between shampoos with fewer touch-ups. Prime Style Extender is formulated with our advanced priming system, designed with OFPMA and priming emollients to create an exquisitely thin, weightless shield around every hair strand. In Prime, this shield keeps hydrogen bonds in place so hairstyles stay beautiful for days. OFPMA also repels dirt and oil, so styles stay cleaner, longer.”

Living Proof - Prime Style Extender

The instructions state that the Primer Style Extender can be applied under other styling products. I use about a dime size amount, rub it between my hands and work it through my hair with my fingers. I usually apply a split-end treatment to my ends first, apply the primer second, and lastly apply my styling products. I like to comb my hair with a wide tooth comb between each step to distribute the products evenly through my hair.

Living Proof - Prime Style Extender - consistency

I have very thin hair so it’s easy for products to be too heavy. Prime Style Extender has a slightly watery consistency that is light enough to not weigh my hair down. The consistency also makes it easy to distribute the product through my hair.

Surprisingly, even though my hair is thin, it holds a curl pretty well when I use heat styling tools. I usually don’t need to use any products and still have curly hair on day two. I felt like the Primer Style Extender only helps somewhat in prolonging the lifetime of my styling. However, it doesn’t hurt either. What it does do is prevent frizz and smooth fly-aways. My hair is overall much easier to style and my curls turn out more pronounced. The biggest difference I see when using this product is that my hair is a lot less greasy on day two and I need to use less dry-shampoo. That’s the main reason why this product made it onto my September Favorites list.

Overall, I would strongly consider purchasing the full size of this product once I run out of my sample. The 5 oz full size retails for $20 which I think is a fair price. You don’t need a lot so it would last me for a long time.

Have you used the Living Proof Prime Style Extender before? What did you think?


    1. So far I’ve been really impressed by the Living Proof products I’ve tried. Stay tuned for my review of the Living Proof Full products later this upcoming weekend.

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