Whimseybox – September 2013

To find out more about what Whimseybox is click here.

For me a crafts project has to be either cute or useful. Ideally it would be both. Unfortunately, the September’s Whimseybox totally missed the mark on both accounts. I received the box last week but I have to admit that I was so disappointed with this month’s project that I couldn’t bring myself to write a review earlier. I basically opened the box, took one look, closed it again, and put it in a corner. However, I thought I should give you a chance to judge the September Whimseybox for yourself.

The project of this month’s box was a macrame wall hanging (click here for the project instructions). Tastes differ so some people may like this type of decoration but it’s just not for me. As an alternative project, Whimseybox has provided additional instructions for a macrame plant hanger online. More useful but still doesn’t fit my style.

As usual the presentation was impeccable. Loved the matching hot pink ribbon and tissue paper and the “Creativity is intelligence having fun” print.

Whimseybox - September 2013 - box

The box included the following items:

Whimseybox - September 2013 - contents

The bonus wooden tags were probably my favorite thing in the box. I’m not quite sure yet what I would use them for. I like the suggestion of using them on mason jars. It looks really cute. Maybe I’ll make a few of Kayleigh’s Cake in a Jar or Cookie Mixes in a Jar as Christmas presents. The tags would be prefect for that kinda thing.

As you can see the total value came in at under $10 which is very disappointing considering that I paid $15 for the box. That includes the value of the bonus wooden tags. If I exclude this item from my calculation, the value would be about half of what I paid. I could excuse the low value of the box if I would love the project but since that isn’t the case this box was just all around a big let-down.

I plan on giving Whimseybox one more chance (or two) but if things continue this way I will cancel my subscriptions. I had such high hopes for this subscription service so I’m really bummed out about it.

What do you guys think of the macrame wall hanger project? Do you know of any crafting subscription box that has better projects than Whimseybox?


Alicia from the Whimseybox team kindly contacted me about this month’s Whimseybox (see the comments below). She pointed out to me that I grossly underestimated the value of the paracord. I apologize for my mistake. The true value is closer to $9 and as such the value of the box (excluding the bonus item) comes in at about what I paid for it. Now that I know what this kind of cord is called I found some cool projects to try with it. I’ll make sure to put the items in this month’s Whimseybox to good use.


  1. Hi Lily,
    I’m sorry to hear that you were disappointed by this month’s box. We certainly know that everyone has different tastes but hoped that you would enjoy trying out macrame. Also, we work hard to put a lot of value in each box so I’m sorry we let you down there. (Although I think your estimated value for the paracord is a bit off – we included about 80 feet which would cost $8-$10 most places.) Nevertheless, if the project doesn’t appeal to you I know that the value of materials is really secondary. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and would love to hear what you’d like to see in a box, so if you have any ideas please let us know!

  2. Hi Alicia,
    Thanks for your kind reply. I haven’t heard of paracord before so I didn’t know what to search for when I estimated the price. I’ll make sure to update the posting to reflect this. Some projects that I would like to try are printmaking or metal jewelry, as well as soap, lip balm, or candle making. I think those would be fun projects to get in a Whimseybox.

  3. I didn’t know this kinda subscription box existed! I just have the beauty box ones. I so just signed up for it. 🙂 I like the crafty stuff so hopefully I like the subscription box. Thanks for posting your review!

    1. It’s really amazing how many subscription boxes are out there. This is only my second month with Whimseybox and I’m still a bit on the fence about it. But I love crafts so I’ll stick with it for a while longer. There is also Project DIY which is a jewelry making subscription box. I really want to try that one out.

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