Eyeko – Black Magic Mascara

I’m pretty blessed when it comes to my lashes. They’re naturally full, pretty long, curly, and dark. I don’t even need to use eyelash curlers. Yeah, I’m that lucky.

Finding the right mascara can still be a bit difficult. I do want to emphasize the volume while adding some more length without ending up with spider lashes. Lately I’ve been using the Too Faced Size Queen Mascara which delivers on all accounts. So I wasn’t really in the market for a new mascara when I received the Eyeko – Black Magic Mascara in my September Birchbox. The packaging advertises the following:

“Designed for after-hours seduction to create drama, volume and curl to visibly transform and intensify your lashes. Using a unique parables-free formula blending Keratin and Shea Butter with a water-resistant carbon black finish.”

Eyeko - Black Magic Mascara

I loved the less-waste packaging and that the formula is waterproof. I don’t need a waterproof mascara for everyday use but it comes in handy for all those occasions where one might cry. Or when it’s raining. Or when you go to the pool. So more often than one might assume.

I decided to try this mascara during our Columbus road trip since the sample size is smaller than my other mascara. The brush is a standard thin brush that is slightly curved to fit the natural shape of your eye, supposedly to add curl to your lashes. We’ve probably all seen this brush shape a million times before so nothing special there.

Eyeko - Black Magic Mascara - Brush

The first time use left me not impressed. This mascara did lengthen my lashes but contrary to the claims it did nothing to add volume. However, I don’t give up this easily. I experimented with it a few more days and figured out why it wasn’t adding any volume. The bristles were just too short to reach the roots of my lashes when I used the brush as intended, with the inside edge of the curve facing me (at least I think that’s how you’re supposed to use this kind of brush). I finally came up with a way to apply this mascara, that works perfectly for me:

  1. With the inside edge of the curved wand facing you, swipe the mascara a few times over the length of your lashes. The brush should touch most of your lashes at the same time and due to the curve will add curl and length.
  2. Turn the brush around so that the outer edge of the curve is pointing toward you. Apply mascara to the roots of your lashes. The outside edge will stick forward making it easier to really get between your lashes and also catch those shorter hairs, adding volume.
Eyeko - Black Magic Mascara - Application

Left to Right: without mascara, after step 1, after step 2

Using this technique I was able to achieve my desired look. The waterproof formula stayed put all day without smearing or flaking. I did have some trouble removing the mascara at the end of the day because the make up remover wipes I had with me were not intended for waterproof makeup. It took a lot of rubbing to get it off. I may have lost a few lashes in the process. However, my favorite make up remover wipes that I had at home work just fine.

All in all, I don’t think that I would totally switch to this mascara since I’m so happy with the Too Faced Size Queen one. However, this will be a good alternative to have my in makeup bag and a great backup for a wedding I’ll attend later this year.


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