OPI – In The Cable Car-Pool Lane

When I first saw the preview for the new OPI San Francisco Collection, In The Cable Car-Pool Lane immediately caught my eye. It’s a beautiful dark burgundy that just screams Fall. I’m a huge fan of purple nails for the colder months. I just had to add this color to my ever-growing collection since I didn’t own anything like it yet and I finally decided to pull the trigger during my last Ulta order.

The color in person is just as great as I imagined. In the sun it has some blue undertones while with indoor lighting it has more of a red tinge. It’s a rich creme color that’s super shiny. It was impossible to take a picture where you couldn’t see the camera’s reflection unless I held the bottle at a crazy angle.

OPI - In The Cable Car-Pool Lane

While I really wanted to love this polish, it was a pain to apply. The color went on super blotchy. In the above picture I used three coats and I still have bald spots – most notable on my middle finger. Very disappointing. 

But I don’t give up that easily. I’m stubborn like that. I really love this color so I plan on trying this nail polish a couple more times and see if I can come up with a technique to achieve a more even result.

Any tips on how to make this nail polish apply less blotchy?


    1. Yeah, I wondered about that too. The coats I applied were pretty thin but in contrast to other polishes that go on blotchy at first this one just didn’t want to even out. Really frustrating. Maybe a fourth coat would do the trick.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I haven’t thought of that. I’ll give it a try. I was also thinking that I should try to give each layer more time to dry before applying the next one. I really want to make it work because I love the color. It isn’t too noticeable after three coats but it was totally obvious to me and it drove me nuts. I’m OCD that way…

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