Sally Hansen – Creme Hair Bleach For Face

Ladies, it’s time to talk about a topic that most women would rather forget about: facial hair. I got pretty lucky when it comes to the color of my eyebrows and lashes. They’re fairly dark and dense in contrast to the thin, blonde hair on my head. However, that also means that the hair on the rest of my body is darker than I would like. Unfortunately, that also includes some hair on my upper lip. Most of the time it’s not that noticeable but especially in bright sunlight it becomes more pronounced and I’m very self-conscious about it.

There are a bunch of things that women do in order get rid of unsightly facial hair: shaving, removal creams, tweezing (ouch), or waxing (double-ouch). I’ve done it all. While all these methods remove facial hair, the effect is only temporary. In addition, they may even make the regrowing hairs appear darker and may cause breakouts when the hair follicles get infected. I was fed up with it and decided that instead of removing my facial hair, I would bleach it.

The choices for bleaching products for facial hair are fairly limited. In fact the Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach For Face was the only product available at my local Target but at $5.99 I figured that I had nothing to lose. This product makes the following claims:

  • Fast & Gentle Hair Lightening
  • Aloe Infused Formula Helps Soothe and Condition
  • Quick and Easy, No Drip Formula Lightens Unwanted Facial Hair vor Virtually Invisible Results
  • Sweet Almond Scent

Sally Hansen - Creme Hair Bleach For Face

The kit includes:

  • Creme (1 oz)
  • Activator Powder (0.25 oz)
  • Mixing Tray
  • Applicator (Spatula)

As you may have guessed from the packaging list, this product requires you to mix the creme bleach and an activator powder before application. The instructions tell you to measure one heaping spatula full of the activator powder and this is where the trouble begins: the spatula is too wide to fit into the activator bottle so you’d have to pour the powder over the spatula which would result in a lot of powder being wasted. Well, I can’t have that. The alternative is to take a measuring spoon and pour the activator powder into that. Luckily the instructions tell you that one heaping spatula of powder is supposed to equate to 1/4 teaspoon so that made things easier.

According to the instructions, you’re then supposed to mix the powder with two heaping spatulas full of creme bleach. Measuring the bleach is easy as it comes in a tub. The kit includes a tray for mixing but it is so small that it’s very hard to not make a mess. Once I was done I realized that the amount of bleach mixture I just produced was way, waaaaay too much. Half, or even just a quarter would totally be sufficient for the upper lip area.

The application of the bleach paste wasn’t exactly easy but it’s not impossible either. The mixture has a ticker consistency which doesn’t like to stick to skin very well but with some maneuvering I got it to work. While the layer you apply has to be thick enough to cover the hairs, you have to be careful to not apply too thick of a layer or it will start to run a bit as it warms up from the heat of your skin.

The instructions say to leave the bleach on for 7-8 minutes, 10 minutes max, and wash it off after. The bleach stings a bit but that’s normal. Although the packaging promises a sweet almond scent you can still smell the bleach which doesn’t surprise me as products usually over-promise in that regard. I left the bleach on for 10 minutes and after I washed it off I saw some good results. The bleach really did lighten all of the darker hairs on my upper lip. I applied some vaseline on the area to combat any possible skin reactions and I didn’t have any problems in that regard.

Here is my takeaway:

  • Use half of the amount of activator powder and creme bleach mentioned in the instructions.
  • Use a measuring spoon to measure the activator powder.
  • Leaving the bleach on for the maximum allowed time of 10 minutes did not cause any skin reactions for me.
  • It did what it promised to do and bleached all of my dark facial hairs.
  • After one week I see a couple of dark hairs that have regrown but nothing noticeable. I expect to be able to go another 2-3 weeks (at least) before having to use the creme bleach again.

With the few modifications mentioned I think that this is a good way to make your facial hair disappear without having to pay a ton of money at the salon or resorting to harsher hair removal techniques.

Have you used bleaching products for facial hair before? What’s your favorite product to get rid of unsightly facial hair?


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