Beauty Hauls: Ulta Online Order

This is my last big online order for the month before my spending ban kicks in. Counting down the days until my next paycheck…

I had the Living Proof Full Travel Set and AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream on my wish list and since Ulta was doing a gift with purchase for all Living Proof products I decided to place my order with them.

My main peeve with Ulta, as opposed to other online retailers, is that you don’t get to pick which samples you want to receive with your purchase. The only choice they give you is between a fragrance, skin care, or variety sampler with 3 unspecified samples each. I went with the variety sampler and the samples I received are ok. I’ll certainly find use for them.

Beauty Hauls - Ulta Online Order v2

Full-Size Items

Living Proof Full Good Hair Day Kit/Travel Set

Price: $29.00, $36 value

  • 2 oz Full Shampoo (individual price: $10)
  • 2 oz Full Conditioner (individual price: $10)
  • 1.8 oz Full Thickening Cream (individual price: $15)
  • 0.25 oz Full Root Lift (value: $1)

“Living Proof Full Good Hair Day Kit: Volume for flat or lifeless hair. Full Shampoo (2oz) thoroughly cleanses dirt, oil and product residue without stripping. Full Conditioner (2oz) nourishes and detangles weightlessly, increasing strength, softness and shine. Full Thickening Cream (1.8oz) is a lightweight styling cream that provides fullness and thickness with added conditioning benefits. Full Root Lift (7.5mL) is the perfect partner to the Cream, creating flexible volume that starts at the roots.”

Full size: 3.4 oz, $20

“This rich foot cream by Ahava softens and renews rough soles of feet and prevents cracks and irritated skin.”

Full size: 0.5 oz, $9

“A rich burgundy.”

Free Gift with Purchase

Living Proof Restore Targeted Repair Cream

Sample size: 1 fl oz, $7 value
Full size: 4 fl oz, $28

“Living Proof Targeted Repair Cream immediately transforms hair that is dry or damaged due to coloring, chemical processing and heat styling. This moisture-rich cream adds shine, smoothes cuticles and repairs split ends by replacing lost ceramides to restructure, strengthen and seal the protective outer layer of the hair. Prevents 93% of new split ends. Plus all day protection from UV damage.”

Free Samples

Variety Sampler

The Living Proof Full Travel Set went straight into my shower caddy so I can thoroughly test it. And I can’t wait to get the OPI polish on my nails. The color looks just gorgeous. Reviews to follow soon :).

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