Chvrches, Insomnia Cookies, and Orchids – A Road Trip

This past weekend was spent on a road trip to Columbus, OH, with the very best boyfriend. One of our favorite bands, Chvrches – an electro pop trio from Scotland, were playing the Newport Music Hall and we just had to go. Yes, we like them enough to spend 7 hours in the car to see them. One way. If you’re into electro pop check out their song Gun I linked below (my personal favorite).

The concert was amazing. We got really good spots just a few rows from the stage. The singer, Lauren, has the most beautiful angelic voice and their live performances are just as awesome as their recordings. We had so much fun.


On the way back to our hotel we passed up a store called Insomnia Cookies and we got a midnight snack. Seriously some of the best cookies ever. Warm, gooey, lots of chocolate chips – just perfect. Oh yeah, they even deliver until 3am. How cool is that? We seriously need a place like this in our part of the Midwest.

We were staying at The Blackwell which is not too far from the Newport Music Hall. I can highly recommend it. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The widest variety of complimentary beauty samples I’ve ever seen at a hotel. They even included makeup remover wipes.
  • Complimentary tea and coffee maker in our room.
  • The breakfast included an omelet and waffle station where a chef cooks them to your specification. Yummy!
Check out all these complimentary samples. Heaven!

Check out all these complimentary samples. Heaven!

Since the concert was on Friday we had the whole day Saturday to explore the city before driving back on Sunday. We decided to visit the Franklin Park Conservatory which is the local botanical garden. It’s not a huge botanical garden but everything is maintained beautifully. There are a few greenhouses and a surrounding park with a few gardens which are free for admission. The greenhouses are also home to a few Chihuly glass sculptures which are magnificent.

After the conservatory we went to get Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and it was fantastic. Great flavors and they make their waffle cones fresh in the store. I had a hard time deciding between all of their flavors so I went with three scoops: The Milkiest Chocolate In The World, Cherry Lambic Sorbet, and Backyard Mint. I also picked up a bottle of their blood orange soda which I have yet to try. I’m saving it for a special occasion.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams


In the evening we had dinner at New India Restaurant. It wasn’t the best Chicken Tikka Masala I ever head but it was pretty good. I could’ve gone up a spice level. We had a glass of good wine and a romantic date night – what more could you ask for.

On Sunday we met with a friend for breakfast at a local chain restaurant called First Watch. The line out the door spoke for its popularity so we had high expectations. Everything on the menu looked amazing. I had the Tri-Fecta with the Belgian Waffles. The waffles came with a berry preserve that was to die for. Highly recommend.

On our way back we made a stop at the Hilltop Orchids nursery near Indianapolis. As I mentioned before most of my orchids died after I moved recently and I was excited to purchases a few new ones. The nursery is run by Sandy and Dick Wells who are just the sweetest people you could imagine. They took the time to give me some helpful hints regarding orchid care, answer a bunch of my question, and even showed me how to repot. Their selection is just amazing. They have between 50,000-65,000 orchids in their greenhouse and a great deal of them where in bloom, even though it’s not blooming season at the moment. Unfortunately, with all the excitement I forgot to take a picture of the greenhouse but their website has a few that show just how magnificent it is. I walked away with five new orchids and I couldn’t be happier. All of them are in bloom and a few of them are having additional side spikes and buds that haven’t opened yet. I will be able to enjoy them for a long time. No overwatering this time!


Have you taken any road trips lately?

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