JULEP – Martha

There has been a lot of buzz around Julep nail polishes. Many people swear by them and love their Julep Maven subscription box. I’ve been really into painting my nails lately and I’ve been considering subscribing to the Maven box although I do wonder “How many nail polishes does a girl really need?” Don’t answer that…. So far I’ve been holding off because of a) the price, b) I haven’t liked any of their intro boxes.

When I saw that the the Martha nail polish was part of the Birchbox Limited Edition Box – Prestige Headliners – Birchbox for CEW I knew that I had to have it.

JULEP - Martha 2

Martha is an opaque baby pink. The color looks nice with a more tan skin tone but I find it to be almost a bit too bright. I usually like softer pinks and this color is less of a neutral and more of a pop of color. I’m having difficulty finding clothes to pair it with because I like colorful shirts but in my opinion this nail color clashes with a lot of things.

The polish has a somewhat thicker consistency and the first coat goes on kinda blotchy. A second coat wasn’t quite enough to even out the color. I have tried three coats in the past but that has led to bubbles. Due to the consistency you have to be careful not to apply too thick of a coat or you’ll risk bubbling as well. The brush is similar to OPI brushes, wider, which allows for an easy three-stroke application but I find that it’s hard to hold the brush since the bottle is square.

The bottle contains about half of what OPI nail polishes do and costs $5 more ($14 for 8 ml / 0.27 fl oz). Combined with the thicker consistency I’m curious to see how long one bottle lasts. So far I’m not convinced that I’d pay full price for a Julep polish but receiving them in a subscription or limited edition box is a good way to get them at a discount.

What do you think of Julep nail polishes? Do you subscribe to the Maven box?


    1. Yeah, for me it just didn’t live up to the hype. But I’d hate to jump to conclusion based on just one nail polish. I still plan on getting the Maven box once there is one that I like. Since the first one is almost free I figured that it can’t hurt.

  1. I subscribed to the Maven box for a few months, but would only like one of the colors while the other(s) would be duds. Although, they have a great system of choosing to opt out of your box each month for no charge. Plus, when I did finally cancel my subscription after opting out for about 6 months straight, there were no questions asked and the customer service was really nice about it.

    Hope that helps!


    1. Thanks for following and for sharing your take on the Maven box. I like that you can skip a month but I wish you wouldn’t have to call to cancel. I always put stuff like that off but I guess that’s what they’re counting on.

      1. I cancelled each month with a link in the email they send out for each box. Sometimes I forgot, but overall I was happy with the “openness” that process provided. Only when I fully cancelled did I call in. I hope I made that clear, but I wanted to clarify just in case.

        At least try the first month since they have so many coupon codes for a free box or a penny box!

      2. Yeah, that was clear. Sorry for the confusing wording on my part. It’s nice that they email you bout each box because I would probably forget otherwise.
        I plan on subscribing as soon as I like one of the intro boxes. I just saw that they changed them so I’ll have to check them out again.

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