DDF – Erase Eye Gel

A few weeks back the lovely Andrea from Makeup Sample Hoarder was giving away some of the small samples she wasn’t using and I was lucky enough to scoop up a foil packet of the DDF Erase Eye Gel. Thanks Andrea!

A humectant formulation with seven natural ingredients to target under eye circles. The humectant formula combined with daily massaging application reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

I was excited when I read that it is supposed to minimize the appearance of dark circles. I think I mentioned a few times (or two, or three) that I struggle with that. I’ve tried many eye creams in the past that all claimed to help with dark circles. Usually with little success.

DDF - Erase Eye Gel

I used the eye gel every morning and evening. There was enough product in the sample to last me for about a week. The full size is 0.5 oz and costs $55.

The DDF Erase Eye Gel does have a gel consistency and feels pretty light-weight. A little goes a long way. However, I didn’t think that the gel absorbs very well. It kinda just sits on top of your skin and dries into a thin film. It also wasn’t as nourishing or even moisturizing as other eye creams I’ve tried before.

DDF - Erase Eye Gel - consistency

Overall, the DDF Erase Eye Gel did not live up to its promises. I didn’t see a decrease in the appearance of my dark circles after application or even after the one week that I tried the product. Booo.

Considering all the other cons that I mentioned, not absorbing well and not being very nourishing, I can’t recommend this product. I personally like Benefit it’s potent or Origins GinZing way better.

On to the next eye cream.

What eye cream do you recommend to fight dark circles?

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