Whimseybox – August 2013

To find out more about what Whimseybox is click here.

I received my first Whimseybox in the mail over a week ago but I’ve been holding off writing my review about it. Rather late than never I suppose so here we go.

When I opened the inner carton I was really impressed by the presentation. The contents were packaged beautifully; wrapped in Tiffany blue tissue paper and matching ribbon. On top was a card with a really cute art print that contained the instructions for the project.

Wimseybox - August 2013 - packaging

The theme for this month’s box was “Bead All The Things.” It contained items to make a few beaded wrap bracelets. When I untied the ribbon and opened up the tissue paper the contents were nicely arranged on a bed of shredded paper – again very beautiful.

Wimseybox - August 2013 - box inside

These were the items included in the box:

Wimseybox - August 2013 - contents

Here are the pros: I really liked the craft idea. The beads and leather cord colors are fairly neutral so the finished product has the potential to look less DIY and more fashionable. I also loved the sayings on the pencils, my favorite being “Makers Gonna Make.”

Now let’s talk about the cons. One minor complaint is that the beads aren’t very high quality. They’re all different sizes and that doesn’t work well with my OCD.

What irked me the most about this box is all the nick nacks that were included. They meant it when they said that the boxes contain everything needed for the project. But really, to go as far as to include the clipboard and the binder clips is overkill. It would’ve been totally sufficient to mention those in the instructions as suggestions. If you by any chance don’t have those items then it’s no big deal. We’re crafters after all. We’re creative. We’ll figure something out. I’d much rather see more leather bands and a wider choice of bead colors and shapes instead of having the clipboard and binder clips included.

The total value of the box came out to be just under $18 and I paid $10 with a coupon ($15 full price). That’s not a bad deal but in reality half of the contents are just gimmicks and that’s kinda disheartening. For me it totally takes away from the beauty of the presentation and the overall idea of the box and it left me somewhat disappointed in my first Whimseybox.

Are you a Whimseybox subscriber? What did you think of this month’s project?

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