Subscription Boxes In The Spotlight: Whimseybox

This is part of a series about subscription boxes where I’ll introduce the box services I subscribe to, my general opinion of them, as well as some other ones that I find interesting and would consider subscribing.

Subscription boxes – Whimseybox

“Stop Pinning Start Making” – that’s the tag line of Whimseybox. Whimseybox is a monthly subscription box service for craft projects. Each box contains all the necessary items as well as detailed instructions for one specific project. The cost is $15/month including shipping.

When you create your profile they ask you about your crafting interest but I don’t think that your answers influence what craft projects your receive. It’s also not clear if there are several different boxes each month or if every subscriber receives the same box (I think the latter is the case). Whimseybox won’t tell you what’s in your box before they ship. However, they send you an email with your tracking number when they ship the box and I was a little disappointed to see that they included a link with more information about the project. That totally took the surprise out of it. The boxes ship at the end of the month and I received mine within a few days since I live just one state over from where it shipped.

The content of each box are packed very nicely. It comes wrapped in tissue paper and color-coordinated ribbon. The box is accompanied by an art print that has the instructions on the back. The items themselves are securely packaged on shredded paper bedding so things won’t fly around.

One thing I liked about the packaging is that the inside box is designed to be reusable. It has a spot for a label and each box contains a sticker to use for that purpose. It’s a good size to store your crafting supplies. Apparently in the past these boxes were even fancier with magnetic closures and label brackets. However, I’ve read that they have changed their pricing quite a few times and I get the impression that they’re still trying to figure out how much people are willing to pay and what is cost-effective in that price range.

Subscription boxes – Whimseybox - inside box

Since this month was my first month I can’t really judge the quality or the value of the items yet. However, I get the feeling that the total value of the items is close to what you pay for the box. That’s ok in my book because for me it’s more important to try a new craft, get some inspiration and tools I wouldn’t normally think to purchase.

Are you a Whimseybox subscriber? What do you think about it?

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