Things That Make Me Happy – Orchids

This blog so far has been very beauty heavy. Ok, I’ve only been writing about beauty related things. But the tag line is “A blog about beauty, crafting, and things that make me happy” and I’m hoping to cover the other topics more in the future. Today I discovered something that made me very happy and I wanted to share it with you.

I’ve been loving orchids ever since I was a little girl. And I’m not lying when I use the word “love.” They make me happy. Plants in general make me happy but none as much as orchids. I started building my own collection a few years ago and even had some small successes in getting them to bloom again.

Unfortunately this spring I overwatered them a few times and they got root rot. In addition I moved not too long after and the added stress did not help the situation. I repotted them in the hopes that it would help them recover but nonetheless they were dying one by one. I was devastated. Like hysterically crying devastated.  Before I went on vacation I had two orchids left where I used to have ten. Another one died while I was away.

However, the one that I have left is a real champ. It grew a new little leaf while I was on vacation and today I discovered that it’s growing another tiny leaf.

Things That Make Me Happy - Orchids

That means that it is on the way to recovery. I’m really hopeful that this one will pull through. Fingers crossed; knock on wood. In addition, we will be traveling to Columbus next month which will take us by a really great orchid nursery. We plan on stopping by and buying a few more plants and I’m very excited to be having some nice, healthy, blooming orchids in my house again.

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