Subscription Boxes In The Spotlight: Birchbox

This is part of a series about subscription boxes where I’ll introduce the box services I subscribe to, my general opinion of them, as well as some other ones that I find interesting and would consider subscribing.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that delivers about 4-5 samples of beauty, hair, and makeup products. The price is $10/month. This has been the first subscription box I’ve ever signed up for. I’ve subscribed to this box for the past year and have been very happy with the products I’ve received. Your account allows you to fill out a beauty profile. Each month Birchbox assembles many different boxes with different content and they try to match your box to your beauty profile but you don’t get to directly choose the samples you’ll receive. The products are always from higher-end department store brands (think theBalm, Benefit, Amika, etc.).

Usually the samples are very well-sized and will last at least for a few applications. I’ve taken some on a recent 3-week vacation and they lasted me well through that period of time. I’ve received makeup items that, although sample-size, have lasted me for months. About once every few months a sample will be a one-use foil-package like for hair products and about as often you’ll receive a full size product.

They also frequently add a lifestyle item as an extra to the box. Those items have been hit or miss; I’ve received things like a chocolate covered fortune cookie (yum), hair pins (ok), and a pen (really?).

In addition, Birchbox will frequently offer limited edition boxes like the Birchbox Home or the Birchbox for CEW boxes. The limited edition boxes come in two varieties. There is the kind that you can buy in addition to your monthly subscription and then there are boxes that can be chosen as a replacement for your regular monthly box. Both kinds are a fun way to mix it up.

Lastly, Birchbox has a great points system where you receive 10 points (worth $1.00) for each product you received in your box you review. With 4-5 samples in each box this adds up fast. You also receive points for every order in the Birchbox shop. You can then use these points toward purchases in the shop (in 100 point increments). Soon you’ll be able to get your favorite product for free and who doesn’t like free?

All in all, I would definitely recommend Birchbox. The products are a good value for your money. Do you subscribe to Birchbox? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

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